Notes From A Smooth Talker #3

The Ghosts That I Fear of Vancouver’s dad thighs deserves so much more attention. Down below we tell you the reasons why. The new episode of Notes From A Smooth Talker also contains Juliane’s review about the German / Swedish collaboration between La Petite Mort / Little Death, Vivre Sa Vie and Young Mountain.

dad thighs - The Ghosts That I Fear


When it comes to emotional punk music it’s a convenient diversion to stumble upon something like The Ghosts That I Fear. The first album of Vancouver-based dad thighs sticks quite closely to the quintessence of the genre, without feeling like a cheap replicate of already existing works. Yet proved in the past with numbers like Left My Heart in Langley, the band once again showcases their ability to craft pure and sincere emo songs. Mastered at legendary Dead Air Studios in Massachusetts, the record starts with an anthology in the form of the binary epos, Going to the Dump to Watch the Bears. Both parts are beautifully arranged by the synergy of the group’s mathy instruments, caressing the vocals of lead singer Victoria. Every now and then the voice of guitarist Felix joins in, hereinafter leading to a breathtaking canon, where he finally confides “I can't say that I've never fantasized about my own funeral and who would be there“. The following tracks perfectly engage with each other, making The Ghosts That I Fear a coherent piece of art, temporarily culminating in My Favorite Valentine, a ballade sustained by smooth dual vocals, which flatter the listener’s ears. Characterized by a bright usage of all kinds of chants like spoken words during The Shadow that Desires is Left with Nothing but a Relic of Someone Else’s Dreams or rough, almost screamed vocals whilst The Rain it Raineth and Of Summer, the album’s composures are rich in variety, encircling the poetic lyrics. This record is a gem and it definitely deserves way more attention as it currently gets. So go and listen to The Ghosts That I Fear, spread the word and order a cassette from Damn Fine Tapes or Old Press Records.

“If this is love then we have learnt nothing, if this is love then where is life meant to lead us except in circles, and I'm pained and I'm dead and I'm going to bed with wide open eyes again.” [Going to the Dump to Watch the Bears Part I & II]

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La Petite Mort // Little Death / Young Mountain / Vivre Sa Vie - 3-way Split


We recently presented the song “Windchime” from La Petite Mort/Little Death here and now it is time to say a few words about the 12” split it is part of. Five record labels have this three-way-split in their catalog: Miss The Stars (DE), Zilpzalp Records (DE), Hardcore For The Losers (AT), Pundonor Records (ES) and Voice Of The Unheard Records (FR). The record kicks off with two songs from Gothenburg based Young Mountain. They start out with the atmospheric post rock influenced “Pilträdsvillan” fitting in well with the Swedish lyrics. Apart from a short ‘wohoo’ singalong part, the fivepiece dispense from singing altogether, as it was found on their first releases. Instead, they use different shouting and screaming variations which I totally dig. Their second song then sews catchiness with melancholy showing this band’s process of growth and “Bloom”. Following is the skramz band Vivre Sa Vie hailing from Stockholm. This second release for Wiljami, Jóann, Tobias and Osborn covers elements they used on their previously released demo. The song “Ehler​-​Danlos” demonstrates their typical fast and hacking sounding staccato style. The second one, named “Shield”, uses various elements like calmer spoken word parts switching to intense screaming, expanding into chaos back and forth, but ends in a surprisingly calm guitar picking with a distorted female voice sequence. Last but not least, La Petite Mort/Little Death from Rodgau contribute three songs to the split. They remain true to the mathy, tuneful sound recorded on their debut LP “Dear Reader…”. The Intro, a short blast, blows up the energy giving a peek into what this threepiece is up to and capable of. Then “Windchime” starts off again with these short, throbbing melodies in repeat. The voice fits in with a rapping, terse tone, often slightly off-key, growing into somersaulting shouts. They close the split with a melodic beat, harmonica and singalongs on “This name rings a bell” making me grateful to see such thrilling bands working together.

“Breathe into the sky, through perilous clouds and towards a new tomorrow. I will be there for you always, even when crimson rain comes pouring down. I’ll be by your side, you will be safe and sound. Yes this is my love-letter to you. Cross my heart, hope to die, your gift keeps me alive. And if we’re drawn apart, it's only distance my dear. I’ll be back soon in your arms, you have nothing to fear.” [Distance]

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