SONG PREMIERE: ‘these struggles only result in sharper misery’ by Truman

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Here’s your chance to exclusively stream,’these struggles only result in sharper misery’, the phenomenal harbinger of Truman’s upcoming Extended Play,'ma doi', dropping in March through Zegema Beach Records and Middle-Man Records - a Canadian-American label cooperation.

Few days after Truman’s announcement to release new material you can listen to the very first song out of their soon-to-be-released three-song EP - and we promise it’s a real beast. Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, the emoviolence collective, which was founded back in 2012, consists of Mitchie Shue, Benson Truong and Dylan Anderson, three musicians, who perfectly understand to merge the best parts of emoviolence, post-rock and black metal into one, coherent piece of dark art. On ’these struggles only result in sharper misery’ Truong's and Shue’s dual vocals unleash a shattering storm, whose uproar sweeps across the audience, while the violence and chaos thus obtained are embraced by sophisticated post-rock melodies. Limited to 200 copies, 'ma doi' will be available on black cassettes. Pre-orders will go up in March via Zegema Beach Records and Middle-Man Records.

Mitchie: This is our 5th release as a band counting a tour tape we put out. Some of what I wrote about was about how does death and permanent departure from a space ultimately change a space. I also wrote about gender identity and feelings of self worth. We finished recording in late December and we recorded it with our friend Pablo Cabrera and they also mixed and mastered it.

Benson: As far as lyrical themes go, Mitchie mentioned one that was strong for me as well, which was what death does to a space and how the concept of dying can be a person's last chance for remembrance. The lyrics are also focusing on how the feeling of dissatisfaction and the constant yearning for more can linger throughout one's life despite feeling content at the time in reaching accomplishments; and how that relates to the struggle of wondering if and what you've done was meaningful enough to act as a monument of your existence in spite of how the final act of leaving the world can fulfill that too.


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