Vote For Your Crushes Of The Year #2017

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Like every December, it's time to recapitulate the previous months. Successfully introduced last year we are stoked to repeat last year's community voting. Besides voting for the usual categories like LPs and Best of The Rest you will automatically decide about 'Best EP', 'Best Demo', 'Best Split Record', 'Newcomers', 'labels' and more. We can't wait to get this thing started all over again.

Exactly, you have to vote! Therefore we created a poll, containing two lists - one for LPs (10 Votes) and another one for EPs, demos and splits (15 Votes). The vote tally will be used to create some kind of community End-Of-The-Year-List which will be published quite soon.

We would be super appreciative if you could share this with your friends, since we want as many people as possible to participate. Hopefully we can reach 150 votes once again.

Votes collected: 100


  1. Antworten
    1. Haben dieses Jahr hauptsächlich blognahe genres zum Abstimmen gewählt. Trotzdem bestand durch die Kommentarbox im Voting für Baker's Album zu votieren. Hat erstaunlicherweise aber keiner gemacht.

  2. i came here to vote julien baker and saw there wasn't any and then saw that someone commented about there not being julien baker so uh... yeah.

  3. don't forget to put the Dawn Ray'd LP on that list, most important RABM release of the year! love ♡

    1. Unfortunately it's already too late. Totally slept on this one. Though there was no one, voting for them via the comment box. :(