Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful #45

We’re back with a brand new episode of Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful. Besides the blistering, self-titled debut of Austin’s Portrayal of Guilt we also discuss the fabulous split between 5000 and cape light - probably two of the most underrated screamo bands out there - and In Memory, the very first release of Richmond-based Majorel. SBS #45 also includes Juliane’s double review for Massa Nera. As always, each of the releases is worth listening to.

Portrayal of Guilt - S/T


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With Miss The Stars Records and Contrition Recordings being the conductors of the hype-train, which currently rolls across the screamo landscape, it’s time for you to get your tickets. Austin-based emoviolence blast, portrayal of guilt, just released their debut EP on both DIY labels and it couldn't be a better departure for the rising newcomers from Texas. The self-titled EP features three vicious songs, combining screamo with nightmarish black-metal influences, where diabolic screams are hunted by the blastbeating drums. If you’re into blackened screamo or bands like Majority Rule and pg.99 you should not hesitate to head over to the group’s bandcamp and stream those three tracks, while clenching your hands like claws, raising them towards the dull sky.

5000 / cape light - split


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Classical screamo is alive and breathing. 5000 and cape light, both hailing from Tokyo, combined their forces to burn down a chaotic firework of tumultuous guitar work and raging vocals. The top-notch split record feels like a throwback to the golden era of the genre during the late 1990s, helping the Japanese duo to finally advance into the dimension of groups like Lord Snow, Cassus or Piri Reis. Despite their great ability to write songs on top-level, 5000 and cape light unfortunately still fly way below the radar of international screamo enthusiasts. From HELPLESS to mukishitsu, each of the six tracks is reason enough to make this change and to fall in love with the tremendous sound of the bands.

"思うのやめた 君のことを 考えることもなかったけれど"

Massa Nera - will it be enough for you to keep going
& no estamos separados



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The five piece from Linden, New Jersey, released their first two EPs over the course of last year. Massa Nera plays atmospheric post-hardcore influenced screamo. This band knows how to build up powerful songs with delicate melodies. Their first EP "will it be enough..." is composed with mostly English vocals. But on both tracks Hatsukoi and Hatsuyuki the band puts some Spanish lyrics into the mix as well. They keep up the good work on their second release ”no estamos separados”. Playing with quieter and more intense parts, Massa Nera puts together another three songs. On the second track "Surely, we'll see each other soon" Dean Scordilis of Our Wits That Make Us Men joins in with spoken word vocals. Besides digital download, both releases are available as cassettes at Adorno Records, UK. Massa Nera also recently recorded a full length, so keep an eye on this band.

"You live with vague ideas concerning limitless potential, ‘til you’re blindsided by the passing of time and realize you’ve run out of options." [I'll be the next to go]

Majorel - Restless in Memory


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Sass bands like SeeYouSpaceCowboy and gif. from god have found a formula to extract the best elements of metalcore and combine them with the iconic sound of late 90s screamo bands such as Jeromes Dream or Neil Perry. An interesting way of proceeding, also applied within the sound of Majorel. Haling from Richmond, VA, the quartet has released their debut In Memory on Canada’s Zegema Beach Records. The five songs on the Extended Play appear to be one mighty ebullition full of shrieking vocals and heavy guitar chords. Placed right in the middle of the EP “Attempting Coherence in Form and Intent“ is revealing the full potential of Majorel, marking the highlight track of In Memory.

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