You’ll Live share brand new song 'Still Feel The Same’

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After their sophomore Long Player ‚Moving Past This‘ it became pretty quiet around Ford Lauderdale’s screamo quartet. Now, more than two years later, You’ll live finally reports back with a brand new track, which will be released on their upcoming collaboration with San Francisco-based twinkle daddies, good times, as well as Algae Bloom and Solanas, two of UK’s finest. Released through Old Press Records (US) and Not So Happy Records (Europe), the four-way split contains one song each band. Closing the record, You’ll Live’s ‚Still Feel The Same‘ starts with a sparkling midwest emo riff before vocalist Inman’s despair bursts through, asking: „Could you be the one who points me in the right direction?“. Just like the fore-gone album, the song is carried by the well-written and intimate lyrics. The recorded conglomerate of intense vocals and the pleasant instrumental part contributes to an incredibly compiled split release, making it one of the most interesting releases of the new year so far.

„Fire, it burns and so do the stars and thats exactly how you make me feel.“

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