SONG PREMIERE: ‘No Hugs For Lucas’ by The World That Summer

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The split “Eight Feet Under Vol. 1” will be released on June 1st and unites 8 bands from 4 different countries. Now you can exclusively stream one of its 22 songs: “No Hugs For Lucas” from Hamilton, Ontario, based The World That Summer.

The five-headed group experiments with a blend of different genres, inter alia infusing metallic post-hardcore with hints of screamo. Their sinister and heavy sound already has been put on display among several releases, like a split 10 inch with Sweden’s Nionde Plågan. On “Eight Feet Under Vol. 1” they contribute three new songs, including “No Hugs for Lucas”, which stands out with its wreaking drums, rolling right off the start. Subsequently the guitars join in and prepare the scene for the vocals, which interchange between growling, shouting and recitative. This urging sound transforms constantly - what once was initially fast and aggressive moves little by little into decelerated realms, building an intriguing atmosphere with a downshift of tempo, massive guitar walls and passionate vocals.

Of course The World That Summer is not the only reason to look forward to the epochal split, as it also features fantastic bands such as Vi Som Älskade Varandra Så Mycket and Via Fondo from Sweden, Nous Etions and The World That Summer from Canada, Sleeper Wave and Youth Novel for USA, and last but not least some groove from Lamantide and Pastel representing Italy. Who needs an Eurovision Song Contest, when you are able to catch this multitude of impressive hardcore from around the world within a single release. “Eight Feet Under Vol. 1” will be available via Zegema Beach Records, Shove Records, Through Love Recs, IFB Records and Don't Live Like Me Records on 2x12 inch black vinyl, wrapped in a gatefold cover with art by Italian graffiti artist '108'.

Dave Norman on the World That Summer, their song 'No Hugs For Lucas' and how the 8-way split came about:

The World That Summer formed in the summer of 2015 following a Life In Vacuum/Joliette show in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. We played some shows, wrote some songs, released a split cassette, a split 10" and contributed to an 8-way 2x12" split. We have three more songs that we will record this summer before I move to New Zealand, as well as two more shows (May 27th & June 3rd). We tried to be a screamo band at first but realized that we were more post-hardcore folks who happen to generally like screaming music. The song we are premiering is called "No Hugs For Lucas" and it is about the inability to shield my son (and children in general) from the horribleness of the world. We play it at pretty much every show and it was our closer for quite some time due to the ending of the song. I incubated this project for nearly three years and it is my other child 😉 It was inspired by the Microwave Says To The Pacemaker 2x7" compilation that introduced me to bands such as Phoenix Bodies, Advocate, Textbook Traitors and Rats Into Robots. We haven't played with any of the bands on the 8-way, they were just all bands that I loved and thought would mesh well together.






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