Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful #23

Paan – 4 way split


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It’s the first appearance of the name giving band of this section. We’re talking about Paan from Halle, Germany. The endearing five-headed screamo collective released two new songs, which will be part of a 4 way-split with RHA, Kratzer and Leviathan. Both songs are captivating, full of energy and riddled with marvelous melodies. The highlights of those songs are the catchy, rock’n rollish guitar riff during Privileg, and the wonderful chorus in the absolutely brilliant Rittlings überm Grabe. This is innovative screamo; as good as it gets.

„Schmetterling fliegt gen Mond und begleitet mich, doch bleibt für immer tot. Natürliche Reaktion, spendet das Trost oder auch nicht?! Und still die Ankunft. Gegen uns ́re Vernunft und! doch ein Angebot zum Gruß! und letztendlich zur! Verabschiedung.“

Kuronuma – EP


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Kuronuma is Jack, Jamie, Damon and Riley. The band from New Foundland started in 2014 and this Extended Play is the follow-up of their Demo. The EP features two old songs, which present themselves with a whole new livery. Just add two fantastic new tracks and you get a flawless collection of four screamo songs; each and everyone of them sounding powerful and sincere. This is definitely a release you should check out if you’re into Emoviolence or other similar genres.

“I can't even think about anything. The candle begins to dim, leaving us to the dark.”

Historical fact about the band’s hometown: St John’s is the oldest English-founded city in North-America.

Mirage Of Last Train – Demo


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Meow. The five-headed screamo group from Ryazan, Russia, collected material for over a year and during a recording process of two month they finally put things together. Published a few weeks back, the result in form of a five-songs-demo is absolutely magnificent. The playful sound of Mirage Of Last Train captivates due to a brilliant interaction of the instruments. You can almost hear the love, the musicians put into this works. Ivan, Anton, Ruslan, Cyril and Vlad did a great job, showcasing another great screamo record from Russia.

Drei Affen – Demo

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Based in Torrelavega, Drei Affen is the new side-project of OsoLuna’s Elsa and Eloy. The DIY screamo band from Spain released two songs in the form of a demo. The first thing you immediately notice is the raw and noisy sound; the same sound you would expect of a bedroom recording. It is charming and creates a plain atmosphere. We're quite curious to see what will develop from those two tracks. This band is definitely not from Norway, but you should listen to their debut!

“Un día soñé que volaba que el cielo era mío Soñé que volaba, que era libre.”

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