Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful #24

La Luna – tour cassette


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This new cassette of the Canadian power -/emoviolence combo is only available at shows and features two new tracks. But it’s not just new music, which was released a few days back. Those two songs are harbingers of La Luna’s upcoming album and we’re really, really excited for it to come out. Founded in 2009, the sound created by the fourpiece is angry and so are the lyrics. EUROPE SUMMER ’16? No question about it. Pack your new album plus I hate sex and come over!

“I will overcome this. With my dying breath, I will destroy you. Forgive me.”

Letters To Catalonia – Demo


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Let us introduce you excellent emoviolence from San Diego. Letters To Catalonia released a hart-hitting three-tracks-demo, where chaos is stirred up with a good chunk of violence. The energy and intensity of their music cannot be outdone. If you fancy the music of the Californian DIY band, we recommend you to purchase their demo on black tape via Skeletal Lightning. It’s limited to 100 copies, so you better act fast. Letters To Catalonia is Pj (Bass/Vocals), Julian (Drums) and Jesse (Guitar/Vocals) and their music kicks ass.

Mido Skip – Demo 2015


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Mido Skip is an emo threepiece from Missoula, Montana. Their first show ever was a hometown show at Hockey House in April ’15. Seven months and several gigs later, the music of Ethan, Byron and Forrest made its way to the internet. Uploaded on bandcamp, their demo features two songs. While the opening track covers the Emo genre, the second track introduces a rougher sound to the band’s repertoire.

“…and I start thinking of the person that I would be if I never tried to write a song or ever pretended to sing.”

Cold Kids – Demo


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It took a while for me to get into the music of Cold Kids. The band from Bamberg, Germany plays snotty post-punk and could be seen as a more punk version of Messer. This comparison really becomes apparent when you listen to the last track called Wer, wenn nicht wir?.The six songs of their demo were recorded live in their rehearsal room. And just like it should be for a decent DIY-production, the demo is available on cassette.

„Ich brauch es nicht. Du brauchst es nicht. Wir beide sind davon abhängig.“