Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful #22

Morla – nach nur einmal

This is the second and unfortunately last record of Morla, the terrific conclusion of the band’s legacy. Founded back in 2012, the Berliner announced their break-up a few weeks ago. Picking up, exactly where they left off at the end of their debut called nur einmal, Morla delivers another six punk-infused screamo songs in the vein of classical, oldschool Screamo. After Manku Kapak, this is the next great German screamo outfit to go off the stage. Everybody, who wants to say goodbye will have the chance on November 28th at the band’s farewell show in Berlin.

"Die Theorie war so simpel. Die Praxis tut mir leid."

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качели не стареют - октябрь Q

It’s hard to find any information about качели не стареют, especially, if you can’t read Cyrillic. The band from the South Ukrainian major city, Zaporizhia, near the Dnieper, released three brilliant songs on their bandcamp page. The cryptic lyrics on октябрь Q are framed by a dark blend of post-metal and nagging screamo. The mysterious atmosphere created by the band is blackish, yet beautiful and perfectly adapted for the cold seasons. Listening to this music feels like a relentless fall storm, destroying everything in its way. A++

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Thisismenotthinkingofyou – Restlessness

Thisismenotthinkingofyou is Shaun Hancok, and Restlessness is one of five EPs, he already released in 2015. The Extended play lasts 370 furious seconds and is divided in six songs. It’s hard to perceive, that this is Emoviolence, created by just one single person. It’s raw, fast and contains everything a record of this genre needs to have. Make sure to check out the discography of this awesome one-man-project and watch out for the soon-to-be-released split with Us Pàlm from Russia. Restlessness is available on blue cassette tapes via bandcamp. There is also an US edition of the tape, distributed by Structures//Agony.

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Facility - S/T EP

Facility is permanent feature of this category. Launched in January ‘15, this is already the third release of the crust/screamo outfit from New Jersey. Their newest selftitled EP contains five fast songs and once again, they display an incredible high intensity, choosing chaos over melody. The band ran out of free downloads within just one month after the EP’s release on October 2nd. So, as you can see, people like Facility’s third release, and so do we.

"Fading slowly into the light. Growing darker getting older no advancement. Backward motion reaching out."

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