Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful #25

Chaviré – Des Bruits Qui Restent


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Mastered by Will Killingsworth (Ampere, Ritual Mess, Orchid) at the legendary Dead Air Studio in Massachusetts, Des Bruits Qui Restent is the follow-up of Chaviré’s outstanding debut. The French emo / screamo collective was able to refine their previous work, dishing up two new tracks alongside five notorious ones from their démo. The new songs impress by the interaction between the instruments, which are perfectly harmonizing together. None of them goes down in the overall composition. At least since the release of this new EP you should all keep your ears on Chaviré. The new EP will be available on vinyl through Stonehenge Records in early 2016. Can’t wait to get my fingers on it.

ito project - 亡失の書


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Founded back in 2012, ito project is an exciting one-man-screamo-band from Hokkaidō, Japan. The listening experience of 亡失の書 is far beyond mainstream boredom; the music on the six-song-compilation has some strongly virtuosic, experimental, even maybe innovative vibes to it. It features some of the most complex and beautiful sound structures I’ve heard in a while. Make sure to check out this amazing EP, which is available on cassette via US-Label Strange Tales Records.

I Hate Sex / Low Level – Split


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As drummer, Curtis, is leaving the band, the Edmonton collaboration with Low Level marks the endpoint of the original lineup of I hate sex. Recorded in September 2015, the split record features three new songs. With old new girlfriend, the four-headed screamo gem introduces spoken word to their musical repertoire. Admittedly, those new tracks need more time, compared to the ones on Circle Thinking, to show their full potential. But this does not have to be a bad thing. Sometimes things need just a little time to evolve and unfold their beauty. Anyway, we just can’t get enough of this amazing band.

“I forgot to stamp my train ticket, but they let me go quietly. I walked thirteen blocks side by side a black cat, and thanked my luck.”

René Descartes – Live demo songs


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Based and founded in San Francisco, CA, René Descartes is the legitimate follow-up project of recently disbanded Flowers Taped To Pens. The two recordings, which can be found on the group’s bandcamp, are forerunners of their upcoming demo. Those songs were recorded via phone in the rehearsal room of the band. Although, the sound is very rough you can hear some slight parallels between them and their popular precursor band. This is brilliant emoviolence in the making. René Descartes is Ethan, Silas and Conner from Flowers Taped To Pens, Jon from All My Wishes Were Thrown Down A Well And Should Die There and Jonathan.

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