Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful #20

Piri Reis / Coma Regalia - Split

When life hands you another Piri Reis release, everything is alright. The Split with Coma Regalia is the follow-up of their demo. Contributing four songs, including two well-known tracks of their debut, the band from Malaysia came up to expectations. Both of the tunes are intense and sound brilliant, underlining the band’s status of Asia’s most exciting screamo project these days. Representing the counterpart of this fantastic collaboration, Coma Regalia adds seven intense tracks to the record. As usual, their sound is oriented towards emotional music in the vein of 90s screamo. The combination of the two sides of the split results in an exciting and classical screamo record. I’m absolutely psyched about this release. The split will be released on 10 inch vinyl via Middle Man Records, Miss The Stars Records and Framecode.

fun fact: Piri Reis features ex members of Quantis, the band Coma Regalia did their first split with.

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Ikiru – S/T EP

During this year’s Fluff Fest, I asked a bunch of folks about their favorite live performance of the festival. Quite often the answer was Ikiru. Back home, the only thing I could find was a noisy live recording on coffee breath records and some videos, including their set of the festival. And man, the people got right, their show was just incredible. A few months later, they finally released their first proper musical output on bandcamp. The band from Krupka, Czech Republic, plays screamo, where instruments perfectly harmonize with stirring vocals. Both combined to a mighty and passionate mix of pure joy. Do yourself a favor and check them out if you don’t know them already.

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Shirokuma – Light Dies / Colours Fade

Released by Dog Knight Productions, Light Dies / Colours Fade follows Shirokuma’s grandiose full-length debut. For me, the centerpiece of this beautiful five song-collection is the opening track called Empty Squares And Thinner Lines. The song, which was pre-released on the bandcamp page of the Swedish screamo collective, lasts six epochal minutes, fascinating with every single note. Attached quite perfectly, the rest of the songs build a superior unit full of dreamy post-rock melodies and heart-wrenching screams. This is how modern screamo should sound like.

“Night time, city lights. Staring back, empty eyes. Between empty squares and thinner lines."

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rûth – Demo

rûth is a freshly hatched three-headed screamo hydra from Singapore. And, oh well, growing up in a fertile milieu with bands like Yumi, Sjanse, Daily Ritual, Calvaire or Paris In The Making surely helps finding a sound evoking the feelings you get from listening to late 90’s and early 2000’s screamo. The guitars have this distinct strumming sound to them, where I find the German word “schrammelig” quite fitting as a description. The three songs include everything you can wish for in screamo music – especially the wonderfully varying harmonies. The playtime never exceeds three and a half minutes, leaving you with a healthy craving for more.

“Tamatlah riwayatmu.”
(This is the end of your history)

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