Fiesta Bizarra - Sadness Sorrow Imathgination

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One of our main intentions when we first started this blog was to introduce music from overseas to people from all over the world. We already presented you recommendations and reviews for bands from Asia, North America, Australia and Europe. The first album of Fiesta Bizarra gives us the great opportunity to bring some brilliant screamo from South America to the game.

Sadness Sorrow Imathgination is the fourth release of the five-headed screamo outfit from Trujillo, Peru. Following two EP’s and one 4-way-split, this is their freshmen full-length. Since I only know just a few bands from the South American continent, I was pretty excited about the discovery of this fantastic album.

Founded back in 2013, Fiesta Bizarra’s music persuades due to its complexity. The album is influenced by an ingenious blend of Math Rock, Post-Rock, Shoegaze, Indie, Pop and of course Emo/Screamo, additionally featuring uptempo as well as some midtempo songs. Yosefu, Sebastián, Oswaldo, André and Mateo chose the best of each genre, mixed them and perfectly put them together. The result is one hell of a debut, consisting of 13 striking songs.

Besides the different influences, there is another facet of the record, which is noteworthy. The band was supported by Noelia Cabrera who lent her beautiful voice for the opening track called アン, which prefaces the album in a slower pace, as well for 132 Tortugas, ¿Ya No Existes Mas? and the closing track called 天使の花.

“Granizos de esperanza. Siento tu atmósfera envuelta en lluvia fría.”

Everything combined results in the unique sound of Fiesta Bizarra, which is arranged by two guitars, bass, drums and synthesizer, transporting a positive vibe full of great melodies, like in RAR, which also features a danceable indie guitar-riff. This song is absolutely fun listening to and it’s definitely one of many highlights of Sadness Sorrow Imathgination.

“Comprime mis sentidos. 500 MB de mi vida están agonizando. Comprime mis sentidos. My brain esta colapsando. I can’t anymore ...”

“Conoce la llegada del otoño. Solo por el sonido de su propia voz …”

The lyrics to the songs are kept rather abstract, speaking of cold and despair, yet being riddled with signs of hope, desire and longing - harmonizing perfectly with the beautiful melodies.

So, people expand your musical horizons, and listen to bands from everywhere, even if you don’t always understand the lyrics right away. It’s all about the feelings, provoked by the music. You definitely miss a lot of good stuff if you don’t. Listen to this record and share it with your friends.

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