Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful #21

Lilith – O

Lilith is one of the most interesting bands from my neighborhood and assuredly one of the best. Hailing from Nuremburg, the threepiece stands out for its exciting sound made of a sophisticated blend of dashing emoviolence and jazzy guitarwork. O is the follow-up of their outstanding demo tape, which was released in the first half of 2014. Nevertheless, the band was able to develop their sound on this new Extended Play, taking their style to a new level. Consisting of seven songs, this EP is highly recommendable. Make sure to give it a listen and if you have the opportunity, go and see Lilith at their upcoming tour between December and February.

„Die Freiheit ist eine Erfindung derer, die uns einsperren wollen!“

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ATARI / sto cosi cosi - secret agreement under the city lights (Split)

Already released three month ago, we’re unfortunately a bit late. Anyway, this Tokyo collaboration rules hard. Listening to those six songs, make you feel, that both bands are totally in tune with each other. Atari kicks of the split nicely, introducing a violin and vernacular vocals to their account of screamo, which paints their part of the split with a light brush of J-Pop/Rock. The following songs by sto cosi cosi captivating the listener with their wild and chaotic synergy between distorted guitars, wild drumming and restless screams. This split is absolutely worth checking out. Don’t sleep on it!

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uragano - uragano #2

Uragano from Italy is Luca, Francesco and Alekos. Founded back in 2013, the screamo threepiece from Sanremo, Liguria, just put out their second EP called uragano #2. Consisting of five, guitar-heavy tracks, the EP convince with varying sound structures und passionate vocals. Just add the dark lyrics and you’ll get a beautiful five song collection. Closed by the incredibly great Gabbiani, this Extended Play is a true masterpiece of Italian skramz.


“Vorrei mangiare i tuoi capelli sbiaditi e tingerli col rosso del tuo sangue e imparare che la bellezza è un valore fondamentale.”

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I Hate Sex – Circle Thinking

We might be a little late with this one too, but great music deserves to be mentioned and Circle Thinking by I Hate Sex is definitely worth it. Hailing from one of the most beautiful parts of this planet, the emoviolence quartet from Edmonton delivered an outstanding seven-song-collection, featuring a wide musical range somewhere between melancholic 00s emo and a violent blend of chaotic and raw screamo. Just add some of the most brilliant lyrics you can image and you get a flawless result. I Hate Sex is Nicole, Ashton, Jibril and Curtis and their debut is on point. Well done!

“Yellow paint won't change the world, my little van Gogh and you deserve so much happiness. You deserve so much more than this.”

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