Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful #13

The Truth About Dreaming – To Kill A Heart e.p.

This is already the second appearance for “The Truth About Dreaming” in this rubric. The two new songs on “To Kill A Heart” are going to be on the next record of this solo-project from Michigan. Recorded during last winter / spring, the Extended Play transports a lot of energy. While the instruments create a pleasant atmosphere, staying melodious most of the time, the intense vocals on this EP are angry and hysteric. Both songs combined; don’t reach the mark of five minutes. Short but sweet!

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██████ – srpen

The band without a bandname is one of my favorites. After an absolutely magnificent demo and a phenomenal split with Old Soul, this is their latest output. The song “srpen” was released on a compilation called “Memento”, by Damage Done Records in celebration of the label’s ten year anniversary. Already recorded back in April 2013, the song is another proof, that the band from Pilsen, Czech Republic, is definitely one of the most exciting atmospheric black metal bands around. The drilling sound, combined with the diabolic screams of Michal, is on point and let the listener beg for more. With 2:48, “srpen” is the shortest song of ██████.

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La Petite Mort / Little Death – Dear Reader

Mission completed! Even if the year’s just halfway through, we can already say that “Dear Reader” by La Petite Mort / Little Death will be one of the best German screamo records of 2015 – it’s probably one of the best records of the last few years. The EP is definitely no typical screamo record; since the sound of the ambitious band from Hessia is very unique, breaking down the barriers of the genre. The eight songs on “Dear Reader” are groovy and full of tempo changes, which is pretty fun listening to. This outstanding release is highly recommended and will be available on cassette hopefully. We can't wait!

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Ravin – Ravin II

Following their selftitled debut, this EP is the sophomore release of Ravin. The tremendous sound of the band from Southern France is characterized by beating drums and heavy guitar walls, which are punctuated with forceful screams. The screamo collective from Perpignan is definitely one of the best French bands you will find in this genre. “Ravin II” will be released through Sad Panda Records, Zegema Beach Records, Winter Sea Records and Unlock Yourself Records. Can’t wait to hear more.

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