Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful #12

Always wanted War / Ghost Cat – Split

The split with Ghost Cat is already the eighth release of AWW. The threepiece from Cuxhaven, Germany contributes two tracks. Both new and full of aggressive, yet melodious guitar riffs, which are carried by drums, bass and some of the sickest vocals I’ve heard in a while. The second side by Ghost Cat also contains two songs. While the first side of the collaboration was quite rough, the melancholic emo sound of Ghost Cat from Jensen Beach, FL creates the perfect contrast. The split, which is co-released by Tief in Marcellos Schuld Records, Krimskramz and several other labels, is out on 01 July 2015.

“Spent the days with running away; growing up was our first mistake; taking action never meant the same again.”

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Chambers - s​/​t ep

Chambers is a young and talented group of four musicians from Berlin, playing kind of dark hardcore. The first musical output of the newcomers is characterized by a gloomy and dense atmosphere, which is created by clattering basslines, rattling drums and mighty guitar walls. In general the sound of this band, which had a great opportunity playing the recent Miss The Stars Fest, is pleasing and definitely well-made. Yet we are still missing more variety. However, the closing track stands out and delivers the highlight of the well-produced EP, letting you divine the great potential of this band.

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zato.ino - bleeding lungs

Bleeding Lungs by Zato.ino could be described as a little musical experiment. The band from Budapest, Hungary tried to create something new, to take their sound to a whole other level. The song, which is released as a single, contains a lot of different parts, including changes in tempo and style. The three-headed emo/screamo outfit takes the listener to a journey through some complex and beautiful screamo soundscapes. Experiment, succeeded!

“Run while you can, but you’ll always catch yourself.”

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George Booth - S/T Demo

Pay attention! George Booth could be the next big thing in this genre. Patrick, Jed, Dylan and Jack are totally killing it on their brilliant 2-track Demo. Hailing from Newcastle, Australia their sound is full of twinkling guitar parts and lacy melodies, which go straight to your ears. Alongside their catchy tunes you get to hear some pretty intense vocals. It’s a pity; the demo only lasts a bit more than five minutes. I want to hear more!

“Cause we were something worth keeping, like a prize, a trophy on a shelf, out of reach of repeat, gold plastic that you could fucking swear was real and I hope that’s all I ever was to you.”

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