Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful #14

Kapytaen - Demo 2015

With this Demo, Kapytaen are starting over. While their first recordings were quite provisionally, the two new songs of the likeable band from Würzburg are well produced. But, more importantly: their sound has changed. The four-headed crust monster bares its teeth, sounding even more aggressive than ever before. Both tracks on the Demo are full of wicked screams, which are wrapped in massive guitar walls and insane drumming. No Feelings, Meddl Leude!

“Ever since I can remember, I was haunted by the voices inside telling me that I was born a letdown, raised as a fuckup, an ever growing disgrace, shaping my perception, burning all illusions of relief.”

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Heiße - leverage of decomposition

Heiße is Moore, Dunn, Nick and Liam. Formally known as Weak, the screamo outfit from Halifax delivers six new tracks. Most of the time “leverage of decomposition” sounds fairly straightforward, yet there are a few slower, more melodic parts. However, the band from Canada is able to create a beautiful blend, making use of different stylistic devices, letting no room for boredom. They are definitely a band to watch out for.

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Lord Snow – Winterhold

Currently touring Europe, Lord Snow from Chicago, Illinois, are probably one of the greatest bands in our beloved genre. Their recently published Extended Play called “Winterhold”, which is already their fifth release, includes six fast songs. Every single one of them sounds just perfect. The violent and hysteric screams of Niko and Steph are supported by a shredding guitar, together creating the familiar and chaotic sound of the band. This is emoviolence at its best! Make sure to check out the EP and if you have the chance, also try to catch them at one of their shows.


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Kaoru Nagisa / Coma Regalia – Split

Released by Middle Man Records and time as a color, the collaboration between Kaoru Nagisa and Coma Regalia accommodates one song each band. Both songs sound just great. At the latest, this split won me over as my attention was drawn to the lyrics of “MQWC”. In respect of the legalization of same sex marriage in the States, the song by Coma Regalia could be seen as a hymn, which demands beyond this important, legally step, to accept the human being as its beautiful, individual self, regardless of gender or other categories, settled by the society.

“When will we learn to respect one another regardless of sex or who we have it with and what we do or do not identify as we can be who we are and we can fuck who we want? We will be who we are. We will love who we want.”

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