Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful #11

Eaglehaslanded / Foxmoulder – Split

After one split and one EP, the Split with Foxmoulder is already the third release of Eaglehaslanded featured in this category. Besides five new angry songs, the side of the band from Belgrade also includes two older songs, which were released earlier this year on a 2-song-EP. The remaining five tracks are contributed by Foxmoulder from Toronto, Canada. Their lyrics are utterly beautiful, wrapped in an amazing screamo soundscape. Co-released by Koepfen, Krimskramz, Boslevan, TRVS Records, Mosh Potatoes and Zegema Beach Records, the 12’’ Split will be published in August. It will be available on black vinyl, which comes up with various sleeves in different color combinations.

“So is this your home you fight for? Or just another place to hide?”

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Erros + Massacre / Tempano – Split

Erros + Massacre from Madrid, Spain are also not unfamiliar to this category. Following their split with Coma Regalia this is their second release in 2015. This time they teamed up with their compatriots in Tempano. Compared with the metropolitans, the sound of Tempano is more playful, which is ascribable to the short playtime of the chaotic songs of the Madrilenians. None of their tracks reaches the playtime of one and a half minutes. Anyway, both sides of the Split have their own charm, perfectly harmonizing together. The record will be published by 14 different labels from seven different countries, including Dingleberry, Pike Records, Pure Heart Records and Boslevan.

“When you think make a prisoner, art is your last weapon. Chaos never died.”

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Hey Ruin – S/T

On their selftitled EP seven inch, Hey Ruin from Trier, Germany are taking you to a diverting journey through two melancholic songs. Their danceable emopunk sound is studded with indi-ish melodies and eloquent lyrics. This combination is a perfect fit, which results in a joyful listening experience. If you like “Brangelina”, “Willy Fog” or “atmen, weiter…” you will love both songs of the EP, which is available via Fear Of The Heights and Homebound Records.

“Was jucken mich die alten Lieder? Ich will die Hits hören und zwar immer wieder!”

„Und sie sagt, dass Ordnung außen, Ordnung innen schafft. Und er sagt, dass eine runde Birne noch keinen Apfel macht!“

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Marais / Auszenseiter – Split

Lastly, another split record. Released by I.CORRUPT.RECORDS, lifeisafunnything, Allende Records and Voice Of The Unheard, this liaison works incredible well. The first five tracks are contributed by Marais from Cologne, Germany. Apart from two old songs, there are also three new ones, recorded in the same 90s inspired style as the songs from their selftitled debut EP. Each of them is beautiful, packed with mighty soundwalls made of wrathy screams and angry guitar riffs. By this time it’s absolutely no secret that Marais are on top of the game in this genre. The second side of the Split is home to four Auszenseiter tunes. The gnarly sound of the Westphalians could be described as crusty screamo, which builds the perfect counterpart to the previous half of the Split. Go and preorder this entrancing collaboration on 12’’ vinyl!

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