Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful #10

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Annakarina – Erasure, I Realized The Fix Was In

Founded back in 2010, Annakarina put out their third Extended Play named “Erasure, I Realized The Fix Was In” a few days ago. It contains two new songs, both full of complex and chaotic sound structures, supported by hysteric vocals. The emoviolence quartet from Pittsburgh, PA is delivering a perfect compound of faster, more aggressive parts and slower song sections, which brings in some structure into the chaos. The EP is available on cassette via Driftwood Records and Special Death.

Addition: If you buy the EP on bandcamp you'll receive an exclusive bonus track.

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Fist Benders – Fist Benders

Another release by Driftwood Records and another fucking gem. Fist Benders from Fullerton, CA just produced their second EP, following their debut called “It’s Raining”. The sound of the four-headed emopunk outfit from Orange County, is characterized by the twinkling guitar riffs, which seems to be highly influenced by the sunny temper of The Golden State. Contrary to their joyful sound, the lyrics are as emotive and depressive as lyrics from a record out of this genre can be. Well-made! Until the release of the tapes you have to settle for the stream on the band’s bandcamp.

“I'm scared that everything I do will replace my memories of you, so I'm not doing a thing. I'll just stay in bed and daydream until you let me in.”

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Fight Vasquez – Demo

Fight Vasquez is a yet quite unknown screamo threepiece from London, which recently released their first musical output in form of a demo. The production of the four songs sounds crude and rough, lending the demo an authentic vibe. For me the third track, called “Reaction Formation” is the highlight on their auspicious Freshman release. So, just take a little time and make sure to give them a listen. It’s absolutely worth it.

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Pale Hands - Конец первой главы

Hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia, the sophisticated sound of Pale Hands could be specified as a felicitous blend of screamo and dark post-rock. During the last track you can even hear some metal influences. Thereby it doesn’t matter, what genre they make use of; Bogdan, Egor, Maxim, Valeriy and Andrey definitely know their craft. Every single seconds of Конец первой главы sounds brilliant. Pretty stoked for the next releases of the band. Hopefully, we don't need to wait too long.

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