Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful #9

Anne M. Christiansen – Uprostřed noci...

The small town of Orlová lies in the east of Czech Republic, just short of the border to Poland. It is home to a recently founded screamo 5-piece, called Anne M. Christiansen. The band was able to draw much attention after they released their first Extended Play. “Uprostřed noci...” contains 4 well produced songs, including a cover song of the band’s previous project “The sins of Lilith”. All songs are passionate and invite you to bang your head. I can’t wait for this to be release on cassette soon, a highly recommended soundtrack for everyone’s summer playlist!!

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Scared of Everything – At the Bottom of the Valley Where the Burnt Bodies of Perillos and Phalaris lie…

What an incredible release by Portsmouth based Scared of Everything. The sophomore EP of the band from the UK is the follow-up of their selftitled debut and features three great songs. Their sound on the EP could be described as an amazing blend of screamo and post-hardcore mixed up with hints of metalcore – so, definitely no boredom here.

“This is the last song I will ever write about you. And this time I mean it. You’re fucking dead to me.”

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Quieter – Demo

Recorded in a bedroom this Demo sounds pretty lo-fi. Anyway, Quieter from Seattle, WA created three great emo songs with some of the nicest melodies I’ve heard in a while, able to transport this certain kind of emotional vibe, which makes you want to cry and smile at the same time. It definitely will be exciting to see how their sound will work up, in case they record their next project in a proper studio. Go, and check them out!

“I'm still trying to pick myself up.
Still trying to forget everything you said.
Still searching for a place to rest my head.”

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La Petite Mort – Paper Is Patient

Found on the brilliant Miss The Stars Screamo Sampler Vol. II, this song hits hard. The compilation is packed with great bands like OsoLuna and Ephemera, but nevertheless the opening Paper Is Patient stands out. The song is the first musical output of La Petite Mort (Little Death) and – at the same time – it is functioning as an appetizer for their upcoming debut EP called Dear Reader, which will be recorded during the course of the month of May. If the rest of the EP can reach the level of this song, we will enjoy one of the best German screamo records of 2015.

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