Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful #8

Totalitarian Principle - Negative

The last track of the first EP of Totalitarian Principle features a legendary Rust Cohle quote from True Detective. And just like the TV show, the shoe-gazy sound of the post-punk outfit from Berlin is dark and mysterious. The four tracks of Negative contain great post-rock melodies, driven by moving drums and the manic vocals in the background. It definitely will be interesting to see how this project is developing in the future.

“The void in sight and yet with trembling hands we carry on. Distorted whispers to retain. aspiring echoes to refrain. We lost our way. Fatal threads won't come undone. We are young.”

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Pepi Rössler - demo

A friend once told me, that Hungarian hardcore is dead. In this case, Pepi Rössler from Budapest reanimated this genre. For their demo, Opi, Andris, Erik and Bálint recorded six heavy songs in best emoviolence manner. All tracks are intense and grasping, characterized by the destructive screaming. For me the closing “vehicle of confession” is the highlight of this well-made debut.

“Standing still, always on the edge, never breathing when you’re close to me.”

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Rangka - s/t

4th Nov 2014 (*) - Born dead, Rangka was an ambitious short time project of three Singaporean kids and one lanky guy from Germany. During a couple of month they wrote four songs, performed live and finally recorded an EP. The Legacy of this musical experiment sounds beautiful and raging at the same time, showing multiple facets of the musicians. The calmer parts of the EP are flawless and this is where Rangka is at its best. The lyrics are sincere, disputing the life in Singapore, the political and social swing to the right in Europe during last year’s winter, among other themes. It’s hard to imagine what could have been possible for this talented band with more time to write songs, rehearse and record. - 6th April 2015 (†)

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Potence - Demo

This demo could be the birth of another European screamo heavyweight. Anto, Nico, Sylvain and Aurélien are playing a blend of screamo and crust, combining the best of both genres. All four tracks of the demo are terrifically good. So, it’s definitely not surprising when you read the musical résumé of the band members, which also play for Géraniüm, Human Compost, Black Code and Daïtro. I’m Stoked for future releases. Highly recommended.

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