Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful #6

The Truth About Dreaming - Capitalizing on your Emotions e.p.

Oh. My. Gosh. Published by Off Cloud Nine Label, this is probably one of the most intense screamo EPs released this year so far. It’s hard to believe, that this piece of music was created by just a single person. Jap, you heard me right. The Truth About Dreaming is a one-man-project, hailing from Lansing, Michigan and its sophomore EP features three classy and very aggressive tracks, which leave nothing to be desired. And since the songs are currently unmastered it will be exciting to see how they will sound like when mastering once is done. The 7’’ will be co-released by several labels, including Dingleberry Records and it’s also available on cassette.

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Under a Sky so Blue / Celebration - Split

Similar to Capitalizing on your Emotions this collaboration lives of its high intensity. Under a Sky so Blue from Athens, Georgia starts off the Split with their heavy screamo sound alongside some crust elements, while the sound of the following three songs by Celebration is chaotic and aggressive, amplified by ear-piercing, jangling screams. The split is well-balanced and contains some classic screamo elements, creating a strong 90s vibe. Lovin’ it.

“You've changed so much. I miss the old you. The real you. The one who changed me for the worst. If I found no comfort in being sad then why do I miss it so much?”

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Coldsore – By Bike

Coldsore are five boys from Belgium, who are playing fresh emo. Their first Extended Play contains three songs, which are full of powerful written melodies and lyrics. Since, spring is just around the corner, listening to “By Bike”, feels like the perfect backing for the first warm and sunny days of the year. Released by Flood Records and Kopefen, this remarkable EP deserves to be heard. It’s definitely fun listening to and I can’t wait to get my hands on a physical copy.

“Life is like walking in the rain
You can hide without getting anywhere
Or just get wet along the way”

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House Olympics / Dog Breeds – Split

Drum roll. GO! The first track on the split, which is contributed by Bloomington based 4-piece, House Olympics is characterized by its rough, yet melodic and catchy vocals, opening the split EP nicely. Following this, the second song starts pretty pondering, slowly turning into an angry outbreak right up to the finale seconds. Compared to the toughness of the previous tracks, Dog Breeds from Columbus, Ohio take things slower, offering some quiet emo tunes. Even if both sides of the split are contrary in many ways, the liaison between House Olympics and Dog Breeds works quite well. The Split is available on cassette out on Waybridge Records and Paperweight Records.

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