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There is no reason to talk bad about a band who are genuinely nice people and work hard. In this case (as we understand everything about this character) Saetia-V-Neck-Dude is a persiflage and exaggerated caricature of a elitist screamo guy (which we know exist). Just read the rest of the comics and you'll see that he is just an average skramz-guy with some shitty character-flaws. How many people in the scene say band X or Y is shit and just base it on not liking the band's music or some rumor. Many. There are many judgemental people out there, thinking and talking like that. This is satire and a critique towards the scene. And please don't take everything too serious.

Anyway, we apologize for the misunderstandings!


+ Interview w/ Saetia V-Neck-Dude

+ Statement [disgusting music]

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