Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful #1

Miriel Fëanor – Oceandrops EP

Miriel Fëanor are from Nitra, Slovakia. The screamo fourpiece was founded back in 2014 and comes up with one of the first releases this year. Oceandrops is their debut Extended Play and includes six tracks, containing some decent post-rock sound combined with hints of screamo. This one can be the perfect soundtrack for a long and dark winter.

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Eros + Massacre/Coma Regalia split 8"

While Coma Regalia continuously producing split after split, this is only the second album of Madrids Eros + Massacre. Also released in the very beginning of 2015 the collaboration between both bands is a classy screamo split record. There will be a European release next month but if you don’t want to wait, you already can preorder the split via Indiana based label Middle-Man records.

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Batièn - Frammenti del mio flusso che insieme sono un puzzle, divisi i continenti"

Batièn is a four-headed screamo collective from Bologna, Italy. They are probably the best band from Italy since Ojne conquered the stages. Their debut EP ”Frammenti del mio flusso che insieme sono un puzzle, divisi i continenti” won me over at the first listen. The Sound of the EP is passionate and makes me curious about what might come next. This is definitely an EP which would have made it into my end-of-the-year-list if I had discovered them earlier. Highly recommended.

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Eaglehaslanded – rec"

The intro of the first song takes up the 8bit sound of “Bringing the pizza home“. Because of the artwork of the 2 song EP showing a floppy disc in the style of 80s video games, I thought the whole EP would take the same line as the 8 bit album. But, far from it! After 16 seconds the familiar Eaglehaslanded-sound bursts through. And this is exactly where the second song picks up. Those two tracks are hysteric, violent and so passionate.

“such a lovely family house,
let"s burn it to the ground.
leaving the ashes on our burnt bodies.
we only know about suffering.
the nightmare goes on and on.“

To be continued... FUCK, yes please!

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