Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful #2

facility – the first four

Facility is a screamo/crust collective founded back in the fall of 2014. Their first EP contains four badass songs capturing the mood of a dark and rainy day in autumn. The band from New Jersey definitely knows how to convince by perfectly combining crust and skramz. The lyrics are cryptic and perfectly match the music. Maybe this is wherein the beauty of Facility’s “the first four” lies.

“The seasons are changing, my fingers are branches. They break.
Does it make me a widow, if you're dead to me?”

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Nurture - Posthumously b​/​w Pick Your Pocket

“Posthumously b/w Pick Your Pocket” is the fourth release of Georgia based screamo threepiece Nurture. The two songs on this EP were supposed to be released on a split. Due to unfortunate circumstances this project failed and the band decided to put out those tracks on bandcamp. Even if the running time of the EP is pretty short, you get a nice portion of screamo combined with some decent post-hardcore elements. Both songs include everything you could wish for. Go and listen to Nurture (the whole day through).

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Chaviré - Démo

Chaviré is a diy emo punk band from Nantes, France. The five songs on their recently released Demo are so intense and angry, yet melodic, while the lyrics are characterized by a certain kind of bitterness. The whole Demo gets better with each listen. To put it straight, for me this is the best Demo in a long time and it definitely should be a contender for everyone’s end-of-the-year-list 2015. Chapeau, Chaviré! (Thanks Enguerran for sharing)

“Voilà ma subversion,
Voilà ma révolution.“

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The Daydream Fit - Traveling

The Daydream Fit from Enschede, Netherlands is currently working on their second Extended Play. To bridge the time till then you can listen to their Single called “Traveling”. The band tag themselves as emotive postpunk and noiserock and I guess this fits well. But their very own bandname is the best description of their music. Those two songs on “Traveling” are dreamy and go straight to your ear. Can’t wait for the EP to come out.

“...and we will die behind each other’s eyes…”

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