science is made up of mistakes

The Backbone of the Night (EP)

Science is made up of mistakes are three hombres from the capitol city of Spain, playing 90s inspired screamo in terms of bands like Saetia and Ampere. The band released their debut EP “The Backbone of the Night” in mid-march on bandcamp. There are no physical copies of the EP yet, but it will be released on cassette via the US DIY-label “Off Cloud Nine” later on.

The lyrics of the EP contain quotes from philosophers and scientists like Johannes Kepler or Edgar Allan Poe. The vocals of Lois are intense and so damn authentic. Not at least because he is literally screaming his heart out. At the same time the guitars create beautiful melodies, which perfectly emphasize the raw emotions of the distressed vocals.

The EP is well made and it gets better and better each time listening to it. You absolutely can hear that they rely on their experiences from their former projects like ¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio! and Eros+Massacre.

You definitely should give them a listen.

“I wanted to become a theologian, but I realized God can be explained through astronomy.” (Johannes Kepler)

FFO: Shirokuma, Beau Navire, Louise Cyphre

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