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I’m Alone in This (EP)

Wherebirdsmeettodie is a screamo three piece from Uniontown, PA. On their debut EP “I’m Alone in This”, which is dedicated to the aggressively depressed, they’re combining heart-wrenching vocals with progressive, dreamy indie guitar riffs. At least since bands like Tiny Moving Parts, Old Gray or You’ll Live, who regained popularity of the Midwest screamo genre, we all know that this combination works quite well.

The lyrics of the EP are poetic and telling stories of pure heartache, nostalgia, lost love and depression. It’s hard to find a highlight song, as the 4 tracks of “I’m Alone in This” are building a beautiful oeuvre.

“Real stars explode, but our love will only fade.”

The EP, which was released on Driftwood Records, is already sold out, but you still have the chance to pick up the European version of the tape released by Shivery Productions. The cassette is limited to 50 copies and comes up with a screenprinted, handsewed sleeve made by Kalmare Print and a folded lyric sheet.

Two month after the european release Wherebirdsmeettodie put two new songs on their bandcamp, which will be released on a split with a german band, which will be announced officially later on. You can stream the new songs as well as “I’m Alone in This” on their bandcamp page. I’m really excited for the bands future and what will come next.

FFO: You’ll Live, Tiny Moving Parts, Old Gray, I Hate Myself

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