52 Hertz

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Nov. Demo 2013

52 Hertz is an emo three piece from Würzburg, Germany, which was founded in late 2013. The band, featuring members from Kapytaen and Folded Flags, released a promising demo including two songs on Shivery Productions earlier this year.

The sound of 52 Hertz is catchy and can be resided somewhere between Algernon Cadwallader and Sport. The rough and melancholic voices of both vocalists are combined to a powerful chant that gives their songs an individual note. While the vocals are accompanied by twinkling guitars and floating drums, the lyrics of the demo are dealing with the fear of losing close people, as well as being caught in the town you live, wasting life and being unsatisfied.

Even though they just released two songs, 52 Hertz already shared stage with TWIABP, Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)! and Rainmaker among other great bands. Despite being a very recently formed band, their live performances do not fall short of their stage mates’ live quality as I could experience for myself. 52 Hertz find a great balance between a joyful sound creating a pleasant atmosphere and lyrics that speak of a generation’s fears, combining to a wonderful emo piece. You definitely should check them out if you have the chance to see them on one of their upcoming shows.

52 Hertz are currently recording songs for their forthcoming record which will be pressed on vinyl. In the meantime you can stream or download their demo on bandcamp.

Give them a listen or miss a good thing.

“Cause cats don’t live as long as desired.”

FFO: Algernon Cadwallader, Sport, Nai Harvest

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