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S/T (EP)

„До свидания…отпусти меня летать…“

Eaglehaslanded is a screamo outfit from Serbia, which was founded in 2012.

The band’s singer Stefan Ćirić and the guitarist Djidji grew up in the surrounding region of Belgrade. As the country was shattered by the war, the Ćirić family immigrated to Russia, where Nemanja was born. After living there for several years, Stefan and Nemanja Ćirić finally returned to Belgrade.

The EP, which was released in June 2014 via Shivery Productions, is opened with a scenic intro called “Leaving The Church In Ashes“. It starts with the sound of three clattering empty bottles and after a few seconds a dark guitar riff and a manic voice drop in. This one sound pretty disturbing and spooky, borrowing samples from an old American movie (“The Warriors”).

The following song is capturing the mood of the intro and continuing in the same manner. The vocals are brutal and off the wall while bass and drums come swinging at you. The lyrics are quite depressive, describing the way you feel being caught in regrets and how it can change oneself. The next track „White City lies” begins calm and dreamy till harsh screams set in and the song gathers speed. Halfway through, Eaglehaslanded is slowing things down without losing any intensity. “Raul And Julia (Lizards And Queens)” connects perfectly. It is the beautiful interpretation of a farewell song that does without many words. The EP concludes with “Uvijek Sam Usamljen Ja”, an old Yugoslavian folk song, which makes way for the pushing vocals and the rough screamo sound.

In my eyes, European screamo is so exciting and vibrant as it has never been before. The new selftitled EP of Eaglehaslanded is definitely another proof for that.

“Don’t expect forgiveness from me, I’ve already buried your orchids underground my tears are so sour that my eyes burn, inhaling poison from your breath, I feel nothing. No words, only broken promises…”

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