Stefan Ćirić (Interview)

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We had a little chat with Stefan Ćirić from Eaglehaslanded. Stefan talks about his band, his creative work and how his life was influenced by the Yugoslav Wars.

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Form und Leere: Please introduce yourself and the band.
Hello. My name is Stefan, when I am introducing myself to people I always say that I am an artist, but not to be cool just by saying that, I really think that during my education years I have worked on many projects that include music, illustration, video, graphic design, advertisements and organization.

My band is a three piece depression cult which expresses music in different ways, never minding the genre or quality of sound. Things we carry out live are more important to us than on a record. So we decided to call it eaglehaslanded because it is a common saying for something big that is happening at the moment. We don’t believe that we are big; we just like to surprise all the people in the crowd with sincere emotions. We once heard Nirvana’s song “Tourette’s“ which first was called eaglehaslanded. The song says it all.

Form und Leere: A few months ago you played on the open stage at Fluff Fest. Describe your very own Fluff experience and which band did you enjoy most?
It was so good to see people that we met at Fluff during the last years, people we helped with shows in our hometown, people who helped us to release our first vinyl and people that we know for years. It’s like a big family which communicates and sees each other not that often, but we still manage to say hi and have a good laugh from time to time. For me it is the best thing in the world.
I really enjoyed Heaven In Her Arms, because I was into this band years ago. So finally I had the chance to see them live.

Form und Leere: You guys just came back from a tour with Expectations. Tell us something about your impressions. 
The tour was so good, seeing all the people that we met earlier this year and made friends was the best thing. New cities, cultures and never ending roads with our dear friends in Expectations cannot be substituted with anything in the world. 16 days of playing, partying, hanging out with friends, eating, drinking and sleeping in different cities was our vacation for this year.


Form und Leere: Besides playing in Eaglehaslanded you are doing other creative work. What exactly are you doing? Tell us something about your former projects.
Well besides music I do graphic design (like the artwork for “Somnolence”*), video projects and illustration. Currently, I am also working on my clothing brand (Lapot ) with some of my friends. A lot of creative work, but on the other hand I am trying to organize shows, finish my master degree and find some decent job, haha.

Form und Leere: What are your favorite releases in 2014 so far? Any recommendations?
Well, actually I am not following the new releases that much, but the new records of Dearest, 52 Hertz and Deer In The Headlights are pretty good! Sickmark and Torso: thumbs up!


Form und Leere: While writing the review for your s/t ep I heard that you and your parents had to immigrate to Russia because of the war in Serbia. Can you tell us about that?
My parents got a job in St. Petersburg and we moved because of the political and economic situation in Yugoslavia during the 90’s. War and inflation forced people to find a better place to live, but some of them stayed. We lived there for several years and Nemanja was born there (in USSR).

Form und Leere: How would you describe your life in Russia? Did you take roots and how was it to leave the country to return to Serbia?
At first, life was pretty boring, because we didn’t know anyone from there, because we were too young. But in the end we started attending school, so we had company all the time. Winter, depression and cold world, haha.

Well, for me it was great, because we were tired of winter and all the troubles there with the job of our parents, so it was better to go home at that point.

Form und Leere: When did you and your brother return to Belgrade?
We returned in the end of 1998, just few months before NATO bombed Serbia, which sucks because our family was trying to avoid those situations that struck Serbia in the 90’s. So we returned again to Russia in 2005 for few more years and then we came back to Serbia for good. Now we live here, making music- not war.

Form und Leere: Did you ever experience military attacks by yourself?
Actually some military bases were nearby our house, so we were constantly afraid to be struck by some bombs. One time a helicopter landed nearby our house so we were scared to death, that it could be a NATO helicopter, but in the end it was a Serbian helicopter which was hiding from NATO. Not that good experience.

Form und Leere: Thinking about the future, what are your hopes and plans?I hope to meet more interesting people and places, progress with the music and art in generally.

Form und Leere: Thanks a lot for the interview and sharing your story.

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