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Somnolence (EP)

“I have no idea where you are from or who you actually are.
But I guess you already have someone who is better than me.
And thats fine!”

Currently we all get flooded by a wave of new releases. 52 Hertz got in line and released their first EP called “Somnolence” a few days ago.

The EP begins with “Every Bruise Is A Hickey From The Universe.” Without wasting any time, the rough vocals of Heinzel start bursting in. Opposing the calm sound of guitar and drums the vocals begin to crack. As the song moves on towards the end, twinkling guitars and rolling drums swell to accompany the vocals. The lyrics are matching the emo melodies perfectly and topping of the start of “Somnolence”.

The follow-up, “Purr”, is a re-done of the band’s song “Curr” off their previous demo. In addition to a change of name the sound has changed as well. “Purr” sounds clearer and more sophisticated without losing its asperity, though. But one thing remained: this catchy song is fun and its melodies cheering up to sing along. “Kufte” also leaves nothing to be desired. Rough and clean vocals alternating while driving drums and playful guitar riffs arranging a beautiful song structure. The next song “Shyonara” is characterized by a moving bassline and the jazzy sound of the twinkling guitar which both move along till the end. The clean vocals of Mike fit in perfectly and just like the opening track of the EP, “Shyronara” features some classy emo lyrics. “Perfectly Unhappy” connects fluently. It might be my favorite on this brilliant debut EP. I really enjoyed this track from the very first second as the architecture of the song is so wonderful. Besides its complexity, “Perfectly Unhappy” can convince with smart changes of tempo and beautiful harmonies. The lyrics of the song are quite philosophical, capturing a quote by Dalai Lama and Nobel Peace Prize winner Tendzin Gyatsho.

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.”

As “Somnolence” gets better and better with every listen, this EP should be part of everybody’s soundtrack for the summer.

The EP will be released via Shivery Productions, Don’t Shoot The Messenger, Tief in Marcellos Schuld and Flood Floorshows later this summer. It will be pressed on colored one sided 12’’ limited to 500 pieces and comes up with a B-Side screenprint.

Actually, the EP should be only available for streaming till the release on vinyl. Not until then, the name-your-price-download should be possible. Due to the absentmindedness of Heinzel, Mike and Gregor you already can download the EP for free.

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