Kalmare Print (Interview)

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We like to introduce you to an awesome DIY-project from Dresden, Germany, driven by Tina. For this purpose we asked her a few questions.


Form und Leere: Please introduce yourself and “Kalmare Print”. What exactly are you doing?
Hey, I´m Tina, 21 years old and I am living in Dresden. I’ve been listening to this kind of music for 6 years now. I love the diy-idea of the hardcore-/screamo-/emo-scene a lot and I wanted to do something for „the scene“ without playing in a band or organizing concerts. I just wanted to promote unknown bands as well as bands who broke up. So I started to print textiles (like patches, bags or shirts) and sew cases for tapes with my boyfriend. We keep our screens in the bathroom, print on the floor in the living room and sew on the dining table. It is not my intention to run a money making business with my passion. So I let people decide how much they want to give. I’m just a little helper of bands you want to get merch of.

Form und Leere: Tell us about the beginnings of Kalmare Print. What was the first Patch you ever made? How did this whole thing get started?It all began with Manku Kapak patches last October. They give a lot of love with their music and I really like every single song of them. So I asked them, if it would be okay to do some patches and they liked the idea. The patches didn’t look very well but other people loved them. For me it was a pleasure to give them away for free.

Form und Leere: Besides producing tons of patches, you also cooperated with Shivery Productions on their release of “I’m Alone in This” by Wherebirdsmeettodie. Kalmare Print did a beautiful screenprinted and sewed sleeve for the tape. How did this collaboration come of?I wrote some labels like Shivery Productions that I am interested in cooperation. The lovely Heinzel (from Shivery Productions) was flashed from the first moment and so the project got started. We are both very proud of the design. It’s definitely worth supporting this great band.


Form und Leere: What are your plans for Kalmare Print?In the future I want to show off a box with my patches at local festivals. So people can catch stuff of awesome bands I can recommend. Maybe some folks discover new bands. That would be great, I guess. At the moment I´m working on some really cool tapecases for Willy Fog (Harlekin Geisterpfeifenfisch) and Trachimbrod (A Collection Of Hidden Sketches).


Form und Leere: Tina, you have an impressive tape collection. How many tapes do you have and what is your favourite one? What do you find fascinating about the format of tapes?At the moment I have around 135 tapes and I really love every single one of them. So, the question about my favourite one is really difficult! One of my first tapes was WILLY FOG – the Birthday Tape. The demo tape of WE CAME OUT LIKE TIGERS is one of my rarest. One of the tapes I listen a lot to is Alienation by RAINMAKER and unidici/dodici of OJNE. At least, a tape I had to search a lot for was O - the sea of trees. Generally I love the fact that they are limited to 20-100 pieces.  Tapes give small bands the chance to release a demo without paying as much as for vinyl. And if you have a Walkman you can also listen to this physical format everywhere which reminds me of my childhood where I used to listen to tapes of the Backstreet Boys, haha.

Form und Leere: What are your favorite releases in 2014 so far? Any recommendations? You have to listen to the new Sport LP - „Bon Voyage“. I am really looking forward to their show in Dresden this summer. They will also play at this year’s Fluff Festival!  You also should have an ear on Human Hands. They released  a self-titled LP and an awesome split with Asthenia, Manku Kapak, Duct Hearts and Nebraska titled „my heart in your hand“. Last but not least I can recommend the Cuck Bass / VI SOM ÄLSKADE VARANDRA SA MYCKET – Split.

Form und Leere: Last question: What the heck are “butterbemmen”?It is the saxon word for „Stulle“ (Berlin), „Kniffte“ (Ruhrgebiet), “Bütterken” (Rheingebiet) … or just a slice of bread with butter.

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