SPLIT PREMIERE: Pettersson X Det är därför vi bygger städer

Vienna meets Stockholm, as Pettersson teams up with Det är därför vi bygger städer to spoil us with one hell of a split record. Each of the bands contributed one track - now available for pre-listening right below.

In customary style, Pettersson - who were able to leave a remaining impression with their 2016 debut, Rift & Seam - are leading off the split with the three minute, post-rock influenced screamo epos, Sensory Deprivation > Motion Sickness. Slowly Rising, the song is characterized by the ability of Adrian, Dominik and Tobias not to exaggerate, but to make clever use of post-rock riffs, wrapping Dominik’s breathtaking vocals into a well-composed sound garment. Hereinafter, Det är därför vi bigger städer comes up with their part of the split, shifting the focus to a edgier sound, sticking a bit closer to the roots of the genre. On Reverse Polarity, the Swedes offer an intense mix of versatile guitar-playing and wild drumming, changing the pace quite a lot. Released by ten different DIY labels, the split, whose cover artwork was created by Chaz Hewitt of Human Hands, will be available on black and grey seven inch vinyl (check the links below). Pre-Orders will be up today as well.

Gabriel of Det är därför vi bygger städer on how the collaboration between both bands came about:

"Us doing this split felt kind of natural, since we're friends from outside the internet. We played together in Vienna twice with mine and Måns old band. Det är därför vi bygger städer played that second show as well. It was kind of a mini-fest. Super lovely! The split sort of happened after Pettersson was done recording their LP (which I recommend everyone to listen to) and they had a left-over track. So we recorded our side as quick as possible, aka super slow, and we had ourselves a split! Obviously there's more to it, but that's basically how the collaboration happened. I'm very happy about it, and I'm extremely thankful for all the lovely people who are in on this release."








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