SONG PREMIERE: ‘Plug’ by Nebraska

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Time As A Color, one of Germany’s oldest, yet active screamo / emo labels, celebrates its 10th anniversary and to live up to the occasion they have put on a nine-song-compilation including Nebraska’s yet unreleased song Plug, which can be exclusively streamed right here, on Form und Leere.

Besides Plug you can find another eight exclusive tracks by Carson Wells, Bail, Lorraine, Coma Regalia, Duct Hearts, Kumulus, Grand Detour and Terraformer on the anniversary sampler, which will be released on April 1st. The song of the Australian screamo outfit from Adelaide was recorded and mixed in February 2016 by Jon McNichol at Twin Earth, Somerton Park, SA and pretty much sounds like a time travel to early resp. mid 90s, harmoniously blending into the band’s overall anthology. Just like the other bands, Andrew, Craig, John, Matt and Samuel accompanied Time As A Color on its way to release more than 50 records, helping to write the story of the label over the last ten years. This compilation expresses the mutual gratitude and could be seen as a gift for all of us.

Form und Leere says thank you for all these years and hopes for many more full of fantastic releases - to the next 10!

Daniel of Time As A Color about the physical version of the anniversary comp:

„Records are housed in a hand-die-cut plain off-white cover sleeve and black inner sleeves, include an inlay and download card and are handnumbered /309, 135 on green card (band copies), 9 on yellow card (first preorders), 16 on pink card (more preorders) and the rest on white card. I made the download cards of 30 years old cassette inlays my grandfather labeled with his typewriter for classical music he recorded from the radio. Apparently he’s been a real DIY guy I never understood back then.“









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