PAAN streaming brand new song out of their upcoming split w/ Lingua Nada on bandcamp

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Top-notch screamo act, PAAN, teamed up with garage punk / indie outfit, Lingua Nada, to treat you with the most exciting song-writing Leipzig’s underground scene currently has to offer. Pre-released, Yamaha, is the very first audio sample out of the record, already giving you a good impression on PAAN’s brilliant side of the split. Once again, Achim, Chris, Magnus and Oliver are showcasing their ability to create moving melodies, which are occasionally supported by beautiful dual vocals, sometimes interrupted by changes in tempo. The whole split will be released on March 17 via Kapitäne Platte and Lala Schallplatten. Also make sure to stream Lingua Nada’s first song right on their bandcamp.

„The perfect game, the sound of instruments, the time we've lost, the time we gain. Snowballs in summer, like winter in Spain. We've got no tempo we've got clouds and the rain for all the colors to stain. Strike me down and I will soak, so is there beautiesness in grey. Give it a try. Don't let senselessness pass by.“


[JP] 03.03 Tokyo-Cuddlebar
[DE] 04.03 Göttenburg-houseparty
[BE] 05.03 Duisburg- Djäzz
[FR] 06.03 Lille- l´imposture
[UK] 07.03 Leeds-Temple Of Boom
[UK] 08.03 Manchester-Dubrek Studios
[UK] 09.03 Brighton-The Hope And Ruin
[UK] 10.03 Portmouth - Fishbunker
[UK] 11.03 Lancaster-Sunbirds Records
[UK] 12.03 BXXXXXXN-Secret Show
[FR] 13.03 Paris-Le Comedia
[HW] 15.03 Honolulu- Bikinibottom
[DE] 16.03 Hamburg-gängeviertel
[DE] 17.03 Bielefeld-forum
[DE] 18.03 Berlin-ZGK

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