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By now, 2015 was quite boring in respect of album releases; at least for me. So, this is probably the reason why the sophomore full-length record of You’ll Live, occurs to me like a revelation. With Moving Past This, the screamo band from Southern Florida delivered an outstanding piece of emotive music.

Definitely, one of the major strengths of the record can be found on its lyric sheet, in the many sincere and meaningful lines. They deal with a lot of individual concerns and experiences. Vocalist, Nicholas Inman, wrote about different kinds of personal issues, including his feelings about his dying grandpa, a homicide committed by a kid he grew up with and the tragic death of a friend, who died after a traffic accident while his other friends wouldn't help him, leaving him bleeding on the ground.

“One more year passed and you’re still a name. I’ve only seen you hanging in frames. Another year passed but now you’re running out of time. And after all these years there is no feeling of shame. No effort to be a part of our lives. The only thing I have to offer is my final goodbyes.” - Shameless Indifference

“So much anger in your veins with no direction. You just struggled to find yourself. And I guess we could blame it on reoccurring cycles. But every action needs accountability. I watched you struggle every day. A hard life faced with harder choice. But you picked wrong and you paid in time. But that still doesn’t make up for the life lost. You still need to pay. And I don’t think you should be forgiven just yet. And I don’t think this should be forgotten just yet.” - Regretful Actions

“So young and way too reckless you got caught up in all the worst decisions yet. And you thought your friends were there to support you through everything. And that day came to attest that no one was there. By then it was too late to change your fate. You laid there left alone to bleed out. On the street, skull smashed. But not dead just yet. You slowly bled out and stared at the sky. I wonder what you wondered. Was it then when you realized, was it then that you realized? Was it all worth it, was it all worth it?” - Regretful Choices

Even if the album is dominated by Midwest emo sound, the lyrics are wrapped in the beautiful guise of multiple genres. Here and there, the listener stumbles over grungy and indie-ish parts, as well as twinkly guitar riffs that could also be taken out of a Pop Punk song, like in Hasty Maturity. And this is absolutely not a bad thing. The screamo collective from Fort Lauderdale allows no boredom. Every single track holds something special.

While the first songs, including the opener called Tired Of Trying, are featuring the typical sound of You’ll Live, you will also be surprised from time to time. The fantastic Accepting Disapproval, which is my personal highlight on the LP, might be the parade example. Displaying another facet of their musical qualities, the vocals are clean and quite dizzy, lending the opening part of the song some kind of surf vibe. The same style can be found on the last track called Unwanted, which closes the album flawlessly.

“Tell me what I did wrong. I’ll never seem to get this right. Maybe one day you’ll finally appreciate…”

“I’m tired of yelling just to be heard. I’m tired of trying to prove my worth. I’m tired of everyone. I’m finished and I am done.”

With this new record, the band from South Florida made the proof that they developed themselves as songwriters, introducing new elements to their familiar and embosomed sound.

Recorded in March 2105, Moving Past This will be released on 01 September by Skeletal Lightning for America and Dog Knights Productions for Europe. I cannot wait to get my hands on one of the physical copies of this outstanding album.

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