Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful #15

Heavy Weather – S/T Demo

All ears on Heavy Weather! Published by Chainsaw to the Bass Records, the selftitled demo by Heavy Weather contains three tracks, full of filigree math rock guitar riffs, which are combined with classy screamo vox and from time to time also spoken word and clean vox. This wide range provides alternation on every track. On this beautiful Extended Play, the band from Calgary was able to build a unique bridge between epicness and melancholy, without losing the character of a skramz record. The tape is available on cassette.

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The Smudjas – We Will Melt The Sun

Recently played on the open Stage at Fluff, the Smudjas from Milano excels thanks to their grandiose punky Emo Sound. While the instruments create a powerful and joyful foundation, the melancholic vocals, declaimed by the husky voice of Pamela, add the certain kind of something. This terrific combination sounds promising in every way! Watch out, this Italian threepiece kicks ass!

“We’ll fight, we’ll fall, we'll be gone.”

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Moro – entrüstet

A few months ago we wrote a few lines about the pre-released “Alp d'Huez”. Now we can finally listen to the rest of Moro’s debut EP. “Entrüstet” contains four songs; each of them is named after a famous Tour de France climb but thematically the political screamo fourpiece from Hamburg takes another direction, transporting a strong message about nowadays' rape culture and sexism. Don’t miss to read the liner notes on their bandcamp.

“Das ist diese Welt in der wir leben und sterben. Du erzählst deine Geschichte heute Abend wieder nicht weil diese Scham dich frisst.“

“Lasst uns Bewusstsein schaffen!“

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Forests – Worst Beach Vacation ever, circa 1997

Forests is another amazing band from Singapore. Taking Emo to the beach, the threepiece from Lion City draws influence out of different genres. Their exciting blend out of mathy screamo/emo and even pop punk elements creates a cheerful and entertaining listening experience! The EP, which will be released on tape, features three songs. You can pre-order “Worst Beach Vacation ever, circa 1997” via Lithe Records.

Ps: Shout out to Darell for handing out bananas at gigs. Feed the emo kids.

“Dakota, take me back to the ocean. It's been 21 years since I felt the comfort of water.”

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