OsoLuna - s/t 2014

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Most discographies start with a demo. Afterwards the bands usually release Eps, Splits with other bands and more Eps, slowly developing their sound. People get into their music, sometimes literally falling in love with it, but from time to time it happens that those bands split up. Always too soon, and frequently before they could release an entire album. OsoLuna, which features members of Tempano, La Tumba de Nicolas Cage and Hooverville, decided to take another path by releasing a full-length as their first musical output as a band. And hell, this stunning debut sounds like they are making music together, since... forever.

Every single track on OsoLuna’s selftitled record conflates into one another, together combined to a unique soundscape, somewhere between screamo and spacy post-rock, driven by the epic force of the interaction between vocals and energetically played instruments. The created atmosphere is dark and almost cinematic, perfectly matching the voices of Elsa and Emilio, which harmonize flawless, alternating between violent screams and gently, yet powerful clean vocals, sometimes devoted to a rousing chant.

Lyrically you can consider this record quite philosophical. It’s about respect towards other human beings, equally animals and sharing our planet as a common space to live. OsoLuna offers criticism upon nowadays individualistic society, in which everybody is closest to themself and helping one another is of low priority. In fact, this is the main subject of the lyrical content and that’s why this could be seen as a concept album.

Even if you listen to the s/t album on repeat, it never gets old, getting better with each run, while the 35 minutes playtime seem to fly by.

With their ambitious debut, the 4-piece from Torrelavega can easily align with acclaimed and established Spanish Screamo outfits. Since I fell in love with their unique sound at the first listen, I hope that, this LP was merely the start of a great discography. So please, stay forever and let us follow you on the path, you took with this LP!

¡Muchas gracias!

This epical masterpiece can be preordered through 13 different labels, including recently founded label krimskramz. You better act fast to get your hands on one of the 500 copies.

“Every breath they take is a conscious effort. And so they can end their life whenever life becomes too unbearable by not taking the next breath. And it's in that context I use the word suicide. She did that. She swam into my arms, looked me right in the eye, and took a breath... and didn't take another one."

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