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In 10 month existence, we have met a lot of nice people from all around the globe through Form und Leere. One of the people we’ve met and made friends with lives in Massachusetts, America. You all probably know him. His name is Saetia-V-Neck-Dude and he was kind enough to answer a few silly questions.

Hello Saetia V-Neck Dude. How are things going?

S V-N-D: Hey guys, how did you get my e-mail? I am good, today. I have eaten some nice food (Brussel sprouts with pecan nuts and cranberries, for those of you who are interested in food) and I also went out for a walk, it was tiring but worth it ‘cause I got to take a nice walk. Also some obscure screamo band I posted on Tumblr got like 18 notes (7 reblogs!), so I guess I shouldn’t complain at all. I am a bit worried about the line-up of Bled Fest this year but not such a big deal ‘cause I think I won’t be able to go.

Haha, wondering who gave us your mail adresse? We just asked this north-korean boy who made you alive. Don’t worry we don’t share it with other folks. Could you please introduce yourself, for those who don’t know you?

S V-N-D: No I can’t right now sorry. Haha, just kidding… one of the best pranks. I am just an average guy from New England who was lucky enough to be famous thanks to some comics (that I don’t fully understand if I have to be utterly honest). I am 21 years old, no hobbies, no projects like band, fanzine and so on. Just kidding once again, hahaha. I have this band, but basically we rarely practice. I also started a solo project a while ago and soon I will finally record something that will hopefully be out on a split with Human Kitten, Crywank, and Frank Turner (I didn’t talk about it with any of them yet though but it’s on my list of things to do for March). I have started a fanzine but didn’t finish it yet (working on it from time to time…). I am also studying at the university and I spend a lot of time either at home with my records and internet or outside with my friends and internet. I am doing well.

Sounds you are really busy at the moment. Most important question first: Are you still together with this black-haired girl who is into Merchant Ships?

S V-N-D: Unfortunately not…

Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. You were nice enough to bring her to Donauwörth, the hometown of June Paik, but it seemed she didn’t like it that much. Actually, it looked like she was pretty disappointed. Was this the reason you broke up?

S V-N-D: Well she was, but that was just the beginning. I don’t know... it all started like... I don’t really know guys. We went to Germany ‘cause I wanted to go to a festival in Berlin and she wanted to go to some big art thing in Kassel, but we only found out, that the festival was in May and the art thing was in 2017, so I tried to make a back-up plan in which we visited cities somehow connected to skramz such as Donauwoerth, Muenster, Rosswein, Erlangen, Rokycany, but she didn’t really have any interest in any of that. What happened is, that she left me alone somewhere in the North of Czech Republic and it all felt like that movie Eurotrip, which is one of my favorite movies and also one of the favorite movies of one of my main crushes, the girl who plays something in Pity Sex.

You have “Swaeg” tattooed on your right upper arm. I always wondered if you have any other tattoos. What about the girls? Do they like it?

S V-N-D: Hey, no, that’s my only tattoo. I am very scared of needles and truckers so I never really wanted tattoos. Except “Swaeg” of course. Girls usually love it and they are very interested in knowing the meaning behind it.

I totally feel you, dude.... You once had the plan to grow the population of girls in the skramz scene through one night stands. How did that work out so far?

S V-N-D: Oh well... it was not really a plan, it happened once and it went bad, there had been some misunderstandings and I am pretty sure it won’t ever happen again.

Ok, change of subject: Let’s talk about the music you love. You started a screamo band back in 2013. You guys released a Split with Coma Regalia, but since then, things got pretty quiet. Any plans for the future, maybe other bands you’d like to collaborate?

S V-N-D: To be honest my band is kinda crappy. After the split with Coma Regalia we started practicing very hard. You know “The Decline” by NOFX? I don’t, but our bass player loves it, well, it’s an 18 minutes song. Melodic hardcore (I think). We want to do something like this but with skramz, a twenty minutes song without post-rock moments. It’s pretty challenging. So far we wrote the first two minutes of it and we sound a bit like Capacities, I hope by 2018 we finish it and maybe record it and put it on a split with our favorite band ever: Light Bearer.

Common, everbody knows “The Decline”…! It seems like you guys have still a lot of work to do. So let’s speak about music in general. Winter slowly comes to an end. What will be your soundtrack for spring 2015?

S V-N-D: I am thinking mostly of Tigers Jaw, Jeromes Dream, Tiger Magic, Remek. And yours?

Aw, I don’t know. But, every time the sun comes out I feel some kind of urge, listening to Comadre. I also could imagine, listening to OsoLuna’s recently released selftitled LP, which is truly amazing. I also like the new record of Shizune. We’ll see. Name five artists/bands you don’t like and tell us why.

S V-N-D:

Cloud Rat: pretentious rockers, who think they got it easy just because they are a female fronted band.

No Omega: when they came to America we fought really hard about who had more privileges: Americans or Scandinavians.

Coma Regalia: they had a really bad behavior towards us when we released that split with them... some of them had even the guts to spit on my guitar.

Nai Harvest: pathetic British toothbrushes, who lack a bass players and humor.

Cerce: but just because they were the favorite band of my first girlfriend, and how I miss her every time I go to sleep, every time I kiss someone else, every time I listen to Seahaven, every time it’s a bit windy outside, not too much, enough to move the trees and play sweet tunes through the leaves.

Haha, alright. I hope they don’t feel offended.

Complete: Skramz is for…

S V-N-D: …the lucky unfortunate.

Let’s get poetic. Are you skramz because you’re sad or are you sad because of skramz? I know, you were thinking about this philosophical question for a long time. Did you already find the answer?

S V-N-D: I did. I would also like to say, those who introduced this question to the public were the humans at Driftwood Records. The answer is: sad because skramz. Sad because Skramz, arrogant because Brand New, dumb and shallow because Pop Punk, ignorant because Metal. The music we listen to influences our mood more than our mood influences our choices. It often ruins our mood, actually. We are here, because we were angry, we wanted to look beyond and we looked for an underground community, where we could feel at ease. We also wanted to be cooler than others, to look in the mirror and see someone with a defined personality and a rare, yet great taste. We are not here, because we were sad. If we were sad there would have been enough sad pop or folk to choose from. It’s up to us now not to swallow in depression and disappointment, but to find what songs make us wake up, what songs make us feel good, what records make us productive, what bands have a positive impact on our existences and what music can make sure that we leave a trace of us on this world without ruining it.

This should be a quote for eternity!! Ok, last question: How many Saetia V-necks do you own? Are these originals? Anything you’d like to add?

S V-N-D: I own two of them. One is a grey Saetia shirt, which I turned into a v-neck. The other is a normal grey v-neck shirt on which I wrote “Saetia”. I was asked to add that I am a fictional character and that I don’t represent the thought of the author of my comics (and neither of the person who uses my name on Facebook) and that all characters and facts and bands on this interview are entirely fictional. Listen to Verse En Coma.

Thanks for the interview. Take Care.

S V-N-D: When will it come out? Was this interview an excuse to have a normal talk with me? Are you a boy or a girl? If you’re a girl you think we could be able to flirt a bit later? I have a record player.

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