Viva Belgrado

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Flores, Carne (LP)

2014 has begotten a lot of fantastic music and as the year draws to an end, we can celebrate another superior release.

Viva, Viva Belgrado!

With Flores, Carne, the Spanish screamo collective from Cordoba delivers one of the most ambitious and most beautifully records of the current year. It contains ten wonderful tracks with atmospheric and beautiful melodies, alongside heartbreaking vocals. Every single one of them contributes to the special atmosphere, which constitutes the beauty of the record.

Viva Belgrado are leading you through excitingly varying soundscapes in which you can lose yourself easily. It’s the most striking reason why this record feels so rich in variety.

The LP includes cumbersome emo parts, as well as stormy and epic post rock riffs. The changing sound structures are combined with skramzy vocals. Whispered spoken word is mixed up with impetuous and heart-wrenching screams, sometimes reminding me of a Heaven in Her Arms and La Quiete.

Every song connects fluently to the next one, so that the whole album results in one overwhelming coherent piece of music.

The LP will be released on vinyl via several labels, including Koepfen Records, releasing also the Dearest/Wherebirdsmeettodie Split.

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