Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful #47

When screamo from Canada and metalcore from the States meet to fight patriarchy, a band posthumously releases music and a Russian emoviolence threepiece covers The Cure you’re probably reading SBS #47. The latest installment features Rosacea, The New Harmony, Vampires and Поминай как звали.

Rosacea - Rosacea


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Bearing lots of top-class screamo acts, Canada is also home to Rosacea, a five-headed group which flew way under the radar. With their new self-titled EP, the band from Victoria, British Columbia, now moves to the focus of interest. The six-song-collection starts with Cool Girl, a solidarity track for all women suffering under sexists and their behavior within the music scene as well as in everyday life. Atop of the song’s punk rock fundament, vocalist Max yells „you're not like the others, they're just here to get fucked. That’s what they tell you, and you keep your mouth shut“. After this outburst of fury the follow-ups excel due to their diversity, as of now yielding an angular screamo sound. Favorite song: Bedhead

"We spent the winter listening to The shins. I spilled my heart to you, ill-preserved in bourbon and you would just listen "because that's what friends are for“. How could we ever afford both our apartment and our grocery bills? We were so undeserving of being grown up, the words stung as they passed my lips. But we got by."

Поминай как звали - self-titled


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Hailing from Moscow, emoviolence trio Поминай как звали (Remember what they called) consists of vocalist Jura, who also plays bass, guitarist Danik and Nikita on drums. Recently released, their self-titled debut is a demolishing monstrosity even if according to the band not everything turned out as initially wanted. The eight songs include the cover of The hanging garden, which originally was written by post-punk gods, The Cure. While Jura literally screams his lungs out, Danik and Nikita construct the whipping wall of sound, proving that this song also works within a rougher setting as if it was always supposed to be a screamo tune.

"Creatures kissing in the rain. Shapeless in the dark again. In the hanging garden please don't speak. In the hanging garden no one sleeps."

Vampires - Vampires


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Already recorded two years ago, Vampires, a former band from Ann Arbor, finally took the step to posthumously release a self-titled collection of four songs on their bandcamp. with stars in her eyes opens the EP quite furiously. A sentiment of pure joy immediately begins to diffuse, as the dreamy instrumental arrangement and vocals collide. The following songs from It’s been done, which offers some high-pitched screams, to gold rush are rich in emotions and continue what the opening track has triggered. Vampires consisted of Jon Riley, John Sciortino, Mac Porter and Maya Chun and this record is their legacy.

"I lick my wounds, like a dog in the cold I am looking for a reason to ache I bite my tongue, while the radio reminds me that Life is a Highway." [Alex Jones and Me]

The New Harmony - Song and Rhyme Answers to Children’s Everyday Questions


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A year after their debut, New Jersey-based sextet The New Harmony, released their sophomore EP called Song and Rhyme Answers to Children’s Everyday Questions. The four songs are a melting pot of many kinds of extreme music genres. Particularly, it’s the ferocious clash between metalcore, a sub-genre that recently became fashionable again, and emoviolence, constituting the appeal of the release. The wide pallet of vocals, covering the range from clean to grunted to ear-piercing high-pitched, also contributes to the stunning compositions and supports the created atmosphere during each of the EP's 9 minutes.

"False hierarchy of man held up by those who suffer. Their bodies make up your throne. Their blood is on your hands. Feign ignorance, deny accountability for the murder of millions. Led to believe that the lives of others are less important than yours. "

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