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Following two projects with Kelut and Vi älskade varandra så mycket, dreamcore duo, mrtex are back with another split collaboration. This time, the duo teamed up with Baltimore-based screamo newcomers, SYNODUS HORRENDA. To get an idea of what this fusion sounds like, scroll down and enjoy the full premiere of the split record, which will be out on August 7 through Zegema Beach Records.

The liaison between the four-headed screamo pack SYNODUS HORRENDA and mrtex, marks the last release before renowned Dave Norman, writer of Saturated Brain / Open Mind, founder of Zegema Beach Records and vocalist of mrtex, leaves Canada for his new home, New Zealand. Besides Norman, the other half of the two-piece consists of YAPHET KOTTO’s bassist, Chris Story, who assumes the instrumental part of the band. Opening mrtex’s side of the split, Future Refract is the very first song of Story and Norman, eclipsing the four-minute mark. The song starts with a dreamy built-up, fascinating through its beautiful post-rock-fundament, only disrupted once, as wild drums momentarily throw everything into turmoil and chaos begins to prevail. The Truth About Human Design follows the well-orchestrated opener and sweeps across the listener within one and a half minute, offering a never ending fight between mayhem and chime.

As the last note of The Truth About Human Design has faded away it’s time to switch sides. Recently founded screamo quartet SYNODUS HORRENDA contributes five tracks, starting off with The Thrill of Living is Gone, a song, which indicates their spiritual and artistic proximity to hardcore and punk rock music. On the subsequent songs, Robbie, Juney, Nick and Billy continually embrace those influences, establishing a dissonant, sometimes abstruse sound. All of their debut songs harmoniously blend into each other, resulting in a coherent overall pattern, which will attract your ears at any time.

Dave Norman about the release: „The split features just over 12 minutes of caustic, screamy and sometimes atmospheric hardcore. The 50 cassettes are each housed in a unique photograph (so there are 50 different covers!) wrapped around a black tape, all within a plastic, resealable sleeve. Pre-Orders will be up on ZBR and orders will ship on the release date of Monday August 7th, 2017.“

Dave Norman about the side of SYNODUS HORRENDA: „From Baltimore, SYNODUS HORRENDA are a new band with members that have spent time in Eyelet, мища, Dawntreader and Sunners, to name a few. Their five debut tracks trade off vocals from June and Nick and generally are pulsating, raw and dirty screamo with a heavy emphasis on punk rock and hardcore."



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