SONG PREMIERE: ‘strings and azimuth’ by Tapestry

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Today, April 13, marks a turning point in the calendar of Tapestry’s own guitarist and vocalist Syed. It is his release day from two years of compulsory military service in the state of Singapore.

During these past 730 days Tapestry’s lyricist has spent more time in camp than at home, missing out on friends, family, life. Syed's feelings are captured in 'strings and azimuth' as it unfolds emotionally before its audience within a playtime of 2:13. Hailing from the Lion City State, the emo three-piece sends us on an audible rollercoaster ride going through highs (“4 more days till I get home, till I come home”) and lows (“Now I stand tall defenseless”) - the text simple and on point, in odd and yet wonderful unison with the instrumentation.

We are more than happy to present you the first of the four songs out of 'our laughter under cerulean skies' - the split Extended Play with Indiana's screamo veterans, Coma Regalia, whereat each band will contribute two songs on 9" vinyl. Stay tuned, as the whole thing will be released via Dingleberry Records, Pointless Forever Records, Canopus Distro and Middle-Man Records, quite soon.






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