Heart Circle Part II - The 90s SCREAMO/HC/EMO/INDIE-Rock Friends Facebook Group unveils new charity compilation

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Germany’s most relevant facebook group for emo, hardcore and screamo unites 50 bands for a good cause on the second part of their sampler, Heart Circle. Featuring fantastic bands like Lypurá, Belka, JESSE JAMES VS BALTIMORE, Oakhands, CHLRN and many more, the musical spectrum ranges from Emo, Indie and Screamo to Black Metal. All proceeds out of the name-your-price download will be donated to the family of Marc Köhler who passed away a few months ago. Below you can read a short statement from one of the admins.

„Marc has been a very good friend to many people here, has been a part of our music scene for many years and was also one of the first admins of this group. His sudden death has hurt many people very deeply here and we want to show the family our support in such a difficult time.“

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