Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful #40

For SBS #40 we collected four brilliant releases, including a conceptional Extended Play by atmospheric screamo group, They Sleep We Live, the debut of Elle, a recently founded screamy punk supergroup from California, the very first song of Kelut, a six headed emoviolence outfit from Illinois and a fantastic split between Yotsuya Kaidan and KAT, both from Ukraine. In other words, you will find something for every taste.

They Sleep We Live - Escaping The Measures Of Time


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’The last departure, the end of a history. Leaving footsteps behind that won’t fade away.’ It’s the very first line, that already implies the significance of Escaping The Measures Of Time. They Sleep We Live from Bremen created a conceptional Extended Play, in which they make a statement ’to a life, that gets measured in time, making you forget that you're alive and leaves you in doubts about your own existence.’. Musically Nico, Fabian, Jens and Dirk offer a pleasant and atmospheric sound, spanning the spectrum between post-rock and screamo. With great attention to detail, Escaping The Measures Of Time follows the band’s split with Sweden’s Vi som älskade varandra så mycket and will be co-released on one-sided 12 inch vinyl through Pike Records, Dingleberry Records, Samegrey Records, Koepfen Records, Zegema Beach Records and Framcode Records.

"Pills for the people and profit for the capitol. We lost our empathy. We lost our consciousness. We lost our autonomy. The balance, more far away than ever.“

Elle - S/T


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A few days back, recently founded screamy punk supergroup, Elle, really surprised us with the release of their sensational self titled debut EP. Based in Oakland, CA, the band, which assembles members of Beau Navire, Loma Prieta and Yearbooks, uncovered their first five songs out of nowhere. Elle extracts elements of indie punk, post-hardcore, emo, screamo and combines them to a unique blend. Right from the opening track called 'The clearing’, the fourpiece invites you to immerse yourself into their sound, which reminds me of a hybrid between ‚Self Portrait‘ and Yearbooks „inside’. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Comadre’s Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden, the Extended Play will be available on one sided 12’’ vinyl limited to 500 copies through Condition Records.

"Feel the heat from our bodies. Still as the trees. The fabric that holds me together. No matter how fragile our minds can be. The clearing, the purge, the place where you said follow. Framed tightly, we were folded into each other."

Kelut - Riflessioni Opposte Producono Risultati Diversi


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Hailing from Illinois, Kelut is a six-headed emoviolence collective, consisting of Tyler, Hugh, Scott, Miles, Tony and Ryan. When they play together it sounds like a symphony of well structured chaos, initiated by metallic guitar riffs and two-part vocals, whereas the listener can enjoy the flawless combination of high- and low-pitched vocals. The band from Peoria, which includes three members of Yusuke, is able to deliver an intense sound package, without invoking the standards of mainstream screamo. As Riflessioni Opposte Producono Risultati Diversi could be seen as an appetizer for what comes next, we eagerly wait to hear more of Kelut.

"Le tormente nella bocca delle speranze. Ti ho chiesto come si mettere una faccia che si puo vestire, ti ho chiesto se hai saputo che cos'è come avere un'altra facciae tu mi rispondi che tu non sai niente.“

Yotsuya Kaidan / Кат - Split


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By now Odessa’s Yotsuya Kaidan are no longer a sleeper. Quite the opposite - they really delivered with their previously released EP ‚Tired Of Tomorrow's You‘ and their top-notch split with Det är därför vi bygger städer from Sweden. Their new track called 'Тантал‘ is part of a common project with Кат and really fits in seamlessly with their earlier releases as it was written during the same period of time as their older songs. The song, which starts quite melodic, contains a few changes in tempo and convinces with its complex song structures. After almost six minutes the way is paved for the second half of the split. Hailing from Kharkiv, Кат contributes two additional tracks, that do not fail to surprise. Their fresh sound is characterized by the interplay of clean and screamy vocals, harmonizing perfectly with the instrumental background. Polished by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios, this highly recommendable split will be available on 7 inch vinyl, out this winter.

"This is about friendship. This is for friendship.“

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