Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful #39

SBS #39 comes along with a previously unreleased track of City Of Caterpillar plus three further incredible releases by saligia, perfect blue and YURI. We also had the pleasure to chat with saligia about their songs on their recently released EP called „the new innocence“.

saligia - the new innocence


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„And whoever speaks loudest, is always right.“ How cynical, how up-to-date. The line taken out of the opening song of Saligia’s debut Extended Play, could have never been more relevant and literally seems to allude to one of the reasons of Trump’s frightening election victory. Of course, those lyrics also could be easily used for diverse internet platforms or loud, swearing minorities on the streets, but I really feel like, that this song is aimed at all those frustrated, and in our opinion, mislead people who made this vote tally possible. Musically as well as lyrically, this dark atmosphere is riddled through the rest of the EP. The band, which features members of Republic Of Dreams, Lentic Waters and The Gentle Art Of Chokin, really did a great job on the new innocence, delivering one of the best emoviolence of the previous months.

"Faith & ethos are blinkers and stimulant drug for the foolish masses since time immemorial. It’s either black or white – the simple logic of dogma. And whoever speaks loudest, is always right.“

perfect blue - you breed like stars


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It’s their second appearance in a row. Shortly after the release of SBS #38, perfect blue put out the follow-up of their demo. The group from Leeds didn’t get themselves into experiments and mostly stuck with their successful sound, whereas melodic guitar riffs meet explosive drumming and top-notch vocals. Even though the moment of surprise faded away, they were able deliver another intense screamo record, which lines up with many great EPs, published in 20016. You breed like stars contains five songs and is highly recommendable to everyone who's into dark screamo.

Yuri - Breathe In Water For The Rest Of Your Life


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Ten months after Yuri’s highly respected demo it is Breathe in Water For The Rest Of Your Life, which again declares a strong message of chaos and anger. The emoviolence / powerviolence hybrid from Derby recorded six fast songs, which are packed with personal lyrics, recited by the vicious vocals of Abbie. It’s one hell of a ride from the fantastic and dark opening duo, Three Up / Three Down, to the closer called My Second Edge Break, as none of the tracks lasts longer than 50 seconds. The Extended Play will be available on 7 inch vinyl through Adorno Records and Miss The Star Records, coming early 2017.

"The person that you loved is dead. I shot him full of alcohol and estrogen. Don’t play your violin for me. I’m dancing on the coffin while the flames lick at my feet.“

City of Caterpillar - As the Curtains Dim; (little white lie)


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Actually, As the Curtains Dim; (little white lie) was planned to appear on City of Caterpillar’s legendary self-titled LP, released in 2002. According to Brandon Evans, who spoke with NPR, the song was one of the band’s favorites, but unfortunately didn’t make the album cut due to limited vinyl space. Fourteen years later the song has been finally dug out and we couldn’t be more happier about its digitally release. Although As the Curtains Dim; (little white lie) was written more than a decade ago, it didn’t lose any finesse nor any power of its sound since the band from Virginia was able to create a timeless piece of emotional music. Stream the song and check out more background information over at NPR.

"Well I just can't seem to see which me I was in the beginning. Right then, I wasn't me. Close your eyes as I spill these dying limbs. Sway your bodies as I turn my back. ’Cos I'm scared. I'll cringe at this ghost I am. With a passing grin, you nod your head as the poet's dead.“

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