Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful #37

Tall As Trees - Self Titled


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„Was zum Teufel machen wir hier? Warum sollte sich jemand dafür interessieren?“ The answer is quite simple. Tall As Trees are pretty fucking fantastic. Andrea, Christian, Diana, Marko and Sarah are hailing from Berlin and their self titled Extended Play is one of the best things, that happened to German screamo in 2016. Thanks to Crossed Letters we stumbled upon this exciting four song collection, where the new comers were able to perfectly connect the warm and catchy instrumental background with angry vocals, which are alternating between spoken and yelled parts, at times reminding me of bands like Manku Kapak or Morla. We highly recommend this well written EP to everyone who’s into emotional punk music.

"Für uns ist es wertvoll, für uns ist es gut! Du wirst überrascht sein von dir selbst. Und die innere Kritikerin wird leiser und leiser und leiser.“

Thisismenotthinkingofyou - Thalamic Incongruity


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Sometimes I feel like allrounder, Shaun Harrison-Hancock, is overtaking the UK screamo scene. Thalamic Incongruity is the latest release of his one man project Thisismenotthinkingofyou and it contains five tracks, which are all following the typical style of the band. It’s a violent bastard full of noisy and chaotic sound structures, merged to a compact unit with dense and grim atmosphere. Made for lovers of the genre, the record is being released by Adorno Records, Miss The Stars Records and Dingleberry Records. For now, take a seat, hit the stream button below and appreciate the immense musical output of Mr. Hancock while listening to Thalamic Incongruity. The invasion has begun.

"Look at what you've done! Everyone's burnt out and repressed. Clawing away to make something happen. To make a mark! To leave a trace! The worker, The artist, The frail.“

Lawine / Remek - Split


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For this collaboration my favorite screamo band from Czech Republic teamed up with Nijmegen’s emo punk group Lawine. The split contains seven songs in total, whereat three of them are contributed by the Dutch, who are opening the split with a fresh blend of hardcore and emo -here and there riddled with some grungy parts. Their well-made side ends with Betrayal, a four -minute song, which is characterized by its spoken vocals. Starting with a short intro track, Remek’s side gathers pace with Písně prázdnoty (Song of Emptiness) and after just a few seconds you’re swallowed by the endearing sound of the fourpiece. Disgorged after a rollercoaster ride of ten diverting minutes, it became quite clear to me that the band from Prague, once again was able to add another gem to their grandiose discography. Limited on 500 pieces, the split will be released on black vinyl via Rope or Guillotine records.

Nepugia - Bebemos Del Mismo Pozo


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Wow, what a banger. Somewhere between hardcore, screamo and powerviolence, the debut of Nepugia from Chile hits really hard. Bebemos Del Mismo Pozo is the band’s declaration of love for chaos and violence. The duo rushes through the first three tracks just to give you a breather with A veces, a slow tempo song with a bittersweet melody and clean vocals. The following tracks lead over to the phenomenal Copiapó 26/10/1993, which closes the Extend Play in the most perfect way. The song, which was written over a span of five years, could be considered as some kind of hybrid, which features the calm side of the band as well as the chaotic and angry one. This release is a massive surprise and absolutely recommendable for each and everyone of you. Also, read the interview attached to learn something more about the band.

"Aún en mis heridas Se pueden ver cenizas."

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