Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful #26

Ken Burns – S/T EP


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The first EP to talk about in 2016 is the very last works of Ken Burns from Boston, Massachusetts. Already the first look at the cover of the band’s selftitled EP lets you predict the classical screamo character of its content. This impression already proceeds at the beginning of the opening track Saudade and constantly lingers in the following two songs. Ken Burns knows to convince with sincere Punk – whether played loud or atmospheric and soft. Posthumously released, the Extended Play is available via Miss The Stars Records, Don’t Live Like Me and Zegema Beach Records.

Emmahaven - Demo


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Again, the time has come, where you discover music from the previous year and you deeply regret that it took you so long to find it. But since this annual revenant issue can’t be avoided and you also have a hard time finding stuff from the New Year to write about, you snatch at the opportunity to introduce another gem from the previous year. I’m talking about the demo of the four-headed Indonesian screamo collective, Emmahaven. Already released in the first half of 2015, the five songs on their demo are driven by energetic screams and distorted guitars, giving their noisy sound a good portion of chaos and violence. Good job, lads.

“Lock up and torturing me. In the end, i adore an image, idolatrous my chamber, my despite, this is my rancour.”

Fljora - wenn es doch so einfach wäre...


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Fljora is the sophisticated follow-up project of two ex-Members of Manku Kapak. Yet, there’s just one song released as a music video – lame? No, this is definitely the best medium to express the approach of the twopiece. The erratic sound of the band is full of disharmonies and surely could be described as emo or similar stuff, but this would be just half the truth and won’t live up to the band’s claim. Even more than in other music, Fljora is about art, which should be recognized on various levels of sensation.

Saetia - Live At ABC No Rio Spring 1999


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Let's close this episode with this stunner. Carl and I both turned very euphoric as we heard about the reissue of the Saetia Discography by Jeremy Bolm’s label, Secret Voice. Live At ABC No Rio Spring 1999 is the harbringer of the soon to be released Collected double LP and contains five songs recorded in the year of Saetia’s breakup. The recordings are rough but nevertheless enjoyable to listen to. It’s time to get hyped boys and girls, this rerelease is your chance to add one of the greatest punk bands of all times to your record respectively cassette collection.

“We will dance upon days time has forgotten. To let dawn's drapery enfold us. Gazing at angels through the eyes of a second.”

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