EXCLUSIVE STREAM: 'Demo‘ by Kubiak

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Tokyo’s recently formed fourpiece Kubiak exclusively shares demo tape with us. Recorded in this year’s May, the demo grew out of a collaboration between members of ilill and ex-blue friend.

According to Kubiak’s vocalist, the band converged after they discovered their mutual crush on some live footage of Glendale, which was filmed in 1994. After some jamming they decided to start this short time project, which will be buried after two shows on September 12 and 25 at Shinjuku Hill Valley in Tokyo.
 Up to now, the demo was only available on cassette, sold at ilill shows during their common Japan tour with I hate sex and Shirokuma. As the band ran out of tapes, it’s now time to bring those two songs to the web. The first one called ‚Milgram‘ starts with a sustained intro, characterized by its slow tempo and spoken German vocals, reciting some of the most relevant lyrics in nowadays screamo. By contrast, ‚Thompson‘ represents the wild side of the band as it hits hard right from the start. Long story short, smash the play button and get an impression of how amazing they are.

"Bevor du andere Menschen hasst, schau in den Spiegel und denk daran, du bist Mensch. Und wenn du morgen aufwachst und in den Spiegel schaust denk darüber nach wie du behandelt werden willst wenn du in solch einer Situation steckst. Stacheldraht oder Liebe, Bomben oder die helfende Hand?“

Download the demo >>>> right here! <<<<

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