Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful #34

I Hate Sex / Black Knight Satellite / Algae Bloom - 3-way-split


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Premiered by one of our favorite blogs, Open Mind Saturated Brain, this collaboration unites I Hate Sex, Black Knight Satellite and Algae Bloom. Kicked off by the first-mentioned, who come up with some sweet new tones in the form of spoken vocals, transporting the well-written lyrics, the split contains four songs in total. The two following tracks are contributed by Black Knight Satellite from Vancouver. Their noisy and chaotic sound leads over to the fourth and final song, thrown in by Algae Bloom. The screamo duo from the UK adds some twinkling melodies to the sound palette of the split, which will be available via Damn Fine Tapes (EU) and Never Better Records (CAN). Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

“Everything went black. I opened my eyes again to sirens, I found myself and the inside of my car soaked in my own blood and I smiled.”

Scared Of Everything - 2016


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It took a while for me to get into the new Extended Play of the band from Portsmouth. Three short songs with a playtime of a bit more than five minutes in total. Reads like the basic parameters of a classic screamo record. But far from that. What you can hear on the EP is a blend of different hardcore sub-genres. While the band’s screamo roots shine through the opening track, Dishwashing Melodies, the other two songs are closer located to post-hardcore. Unfortunately, their sound loses a little darkness, which once was featured on their sensational debut. The 2016 version of Scared Of Everything is still recommendable, even if you have to give those three songs a few more runs to win you over.

The Hope And The Failure / Heavy Weather - Split


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Right after their appearance in our last episode of Short But Sweet, The Hope And The Failure from Sweden put out their first new song since the release of their first Extended Play, published back in 2005. The song is part of a split with the Canadian screamo outfit, Heavy Weather, which will be available via Lifeisafunnything and Blind Eye Records. The sevenths song of the discography of the screamo veterans from Stockholm is mournful and contains a wide range of vocals. No matter if spoken and almost whiny or screamed and full of heaviness, Ina’s chant is pure gold, letting the listener emphasize. Arranged slowly, Heavy Weather’s track is ace too. Driven by the post-rock sound, the song contains spoken vocals as well, embodying the ideal match.

„Flickering lights binding my thoughts. I wish that my hands would stop shaking like buildings collapsing. Now. Right now.“

UnaxManoxAlxCuello - EP 2016


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The performance of UxMxAxC at the open stage at this year’s Fluff Festival was one of the best shows during the whole weekend. For those of you who couldn’t be at the fest or just missed their set, I would recommend to check out the Spanish emo/powerviolence collective from Salamanca. Their new EP would be a great start to get a good feel for their powerful and energetic sound. It contains four bold tracks in the vein of their demo from early 2015. With out any doubts, the sextet belongs to the best bands of this genre, Spain currently has to offer. Kiss, Kiss.

„Devoramos nuestros padres engullimos nuestras madres, quiero ver arder la suma de todo.“

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