Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful #32

Vivre Sa Vie - Demo


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Vivre Sa Vie is a Swedish emoviolence outfit, consisting of Wiljami, Johan, Tobias and Jacob. Their approach of punk music is passionate and very personal, transporting a strong and sincere message about ‘living and coming out as a transgender person…’ and their ‘personal angst that comes from not living by norms.’ The fourpiece from Stockholm absolutely convinces with heartfelt lyrics and their intense compositions. Time will tell if they could become something like a screamo version of Against Me. However, and this might be the most important thing, their music is going to help gender-non-conforming people within the punk community through their struggles in everyday life.

“I've got nothing left from the war. I stand infront of the mirror. She stares me right in the eyes. War against yourself. A battlefield. On your torso. Gunmen down your neck.”

Drei Affen - Drei Affen


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A few months back we introduced you Drei Affen from Torrelavega, Spain. Following their demo, the emoviolence threepiece recently released their debut EP. This highly recommendable release contains six energetic tracks and other than Elsa and Eloy’s other project OsoLuna, the band pursues a more chaotic and skramzier approach for those tracks. Compared to the demo, you now get a well-produced Extended Play with decent sound quality and beautiful cover artwork. After its digital release, the selftitled EP will also be available on tape via Middleman Records as well as on vinyl. Limited to 500 copies the 12 inch record will be published by a potpourri of fantastic labels, indluding Dingleberry Records, Krimskramz, Pure Hearth Records, Rubaiyat Records and Zegema Beach.

“Intento atravesar los muros con la rabia de un tornado, por los que sufren sin voz grito, lloro, sufro, amo.”

Det är därför vi bygger städer / Coma Regalia - Split


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One song each band, this is one of those splits which will hardly find its way on my turntable. I feel like, it is way too tedious to turn the record over and over again, though it’s nice to have it on my record shelf. The song contributed by Stockholm’s Det är därför vi bygger städer contains a strong amount of clean vocals, switching from mellow to angry - where the song hits its climax - and the other way around. An Apology by Coma Regalia, which can be found on the other side of the split, also includes clean vocals and convinces with a nice melody. Grab the record from Middle Man Records, Ödebygd Records, Through Love Records, Miss The Stars Records, Friendly Otter, Zegema Beach Records, Time As A Colour or Samegrey Records.

Икар - \\\\\\


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Let's end this episode with an appropriate release: High-pitched vocals, roaring guitars and a fair doze of chaos - Икар from Minsk, Belarus created a six song collection, which easily could be termed as close to perfection. Combining all makings of a fantastic screamo record, the EP starts with the furious Рождение трагедий (The birth of tragedy). An eclectic, well composed song, full of finesse and one of the most brilliant song endings I’ve heard in a while. Definitely a must listen for everyone who’s into screamo music.

“Как опадает сухая листва, устилаясь холмами повсюду, так опадем когда-то и мы, наблюдая за смертью друг друга.”

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